August 13th, 2003


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Wedesday = Tutorial day..

Did my digital electronics and strength of materials tutorial today.. It a half dae tmw.. I will try to understand delta phase n star diagram.

When bk to sch to study.. Also went to haf dinner wif Huiling, David, Libing, Mervin and erm.. Something yun.. Haha.. I cannot remember her name. Only noes tt it ends wif yun cuz my name also ends wif tt.. =p Went for EEE voting after tt. And i went to the lib to get some notes.. On my wae out, met Zhiyang.. Asked me if i was gg to the outing tmw? Told him i wun be gg cuz i haf tuition.. Den he went "Y dun go? U can see me swim leh? Den can swim backstroke for u also" Lolz. Typical egoistical male. =) Went to the lib.. Raymond was there already. Went to join him den started work.. Gareth joined us later.

Went home at 7.. the both of them went to the jurong cafe to eat the famous chicken wings. On my wae walking bk home, i realised that someone was behind me.. Tot tt it was some ah pek cuz he walk got a lot of noise one.. Like duz uncles who haf no strength to lift their feet when they walk.. So they juz kinda shuffle along. When i got to the lift, i realised tt it was am blond hair dude.. Not exactly beng.. but dyed his hair blonde lah. But above average wor~ Din realise that such an above average guy existed in my block. And lives juz one floor below me! =p

Got home and had satay. Time to go now.. Watch my horse show..
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