August 8th, 2003


Busy busy...

Finally found time to write my journal.. Have been running ard.. again(what's new). Hmm.. Went to order photos on wed. But b4 tt i went down to NIE to finish up my tutorials.. Was there till 6. With Raymond ard.. He came to join me after he finished his tut at noon. Gareth was suppose to join us after his tut but in the end he did not turn up cuz he had a headache and he nose bled. As he was juz feeling too sick.. We told him to skip his SOM tut and go bk home to rest. And he did.. Thank goodness he felt alrite the next day. Or else on Thurs where we haf our 4 hit combo he will basically juz freeze to death, stone to death, and be bored to death. So on wed, i went down to order the photos at ard 7..

Was looking at the pics when yaozhou suddenly asked me to raise up my hand.. Apparently Zuyao wants to noe.. What the ~!@@#$% my own chairman of the camp duno who i am! (!@#$% more) Anyway, i saw the look in Yaozhou's and Zuyao's eyes.. They muz be up to no good. As i guessed, Zuyao pulled me out of the room away from all the tut rooms and asked me if i wanna be a main programmer.. What the !@##$$%(Soli ah.. Todae got alot of expletives.. Muz let go of all my pent up fusturations) I m already so busy wif my tuition n u still wan me to be in main comm. I tried to decline but he kept asking.. Den say he's asking me cuz i haf been highly recommended.. When pressed for who tt person is.. He said not only one.. There r a few.. Har?! I m disliked by so many pple meh? All want to saboh me lidat! And due to my lousy ability to turn pple down. I agreed to go for the interview. But i told him that i should be tot of only if there are not enuf pple for the role. Basically, i juz wanted to go to the interview so that he can tell all those rubbish pple that he has done his job. Whether i get it or not doesn't really matter. I'm hoping tt i dun get it. And i think chances of me getting it is pretty slim cuz there r 5 others running for the position and there r only 4 seats available. Also, during the interview, Zuyao told Cheesion and Alston, (my interviewers) that the reason i'm running for mp(main prog) is becuz he asked me to run. Haha.. So basically i was the only one who is running for tt position who doesn't want to run for tt post. (Confusing? I think so too.. But nvm. =p) Anywae, i saw tt everybody else's interview lasted for at least 45mins and min was over and done wif in 20. Haha.. Show's over, i went home with Jack and Leehin who were so nice, patiently waiting for my interview to end.. They haf been waiting wif me for my interview to strat when they could haf gone bk home a few hrs ago. Y so long? U ask the interviewers lor. Only 2 rooms availabl, 6 pple gonna be interview for the post of mp, not to mention the chair, vice chair, chief prog assistant and all the other posts. Well, u do the math.

That over, i went home.. These few days i've been having really irregular meals. I skip lunch sometimes cuz i haf no time and on top of that i haf late dinners at 10 cuz tt's the time i get home after tuition. Not to mention, by the time i reach home, there is not v much left in the coffeshops ard my place. So i juz go home n cook some noodles.. Haiz.. My poor sotmach.. I better watch my diet, or i might somehow change my metabolism. And in turn, grow fat. And i haven been exercising as much as i would like to. I aslo haf to get myself a pair of cross trainers or running shoes.. Will ask ard to see if cross trainers or running shoes are better.

Time for me to go for my lesson. Haf to attend GE now. Now blur abt my debit and credit accounts. They seem to haf different duties for different kind of classification. Like assets and liabilities.. Ah well, i'll try to swim thru it.


Time: 1230 Location: Library2

Back from my GE. Duno what he was talking abt.. I was lot the whole time. Sometimes i really wonder y i like to torture myself by taking all the courses that i noe r tuff to study for. Anywae, i really duno much abt acct and management. Or rather, Marketing and finance. There is mass supper later. Yay! I'll go home 1st after my tuts.. Stupid Leehin n Wilson are larfing at me cuz they get to go home at 1430 while i only can go home at 1630. Idiots. They haf been doing that for the past 2 weeks already. I hope they fall into a drain or canal on the wae home later... >=(

Mass supper.. Prob meeting them at 9-10 ard bedok area. Hopefully they'll pick us us somewhere.. I should be meeting up with Cyndi and maybe oliver as well. I think Wilson's having problems with his com beside me.. Haha.. Serves him right. If he is really having prob with com.. Den i wun curse him to fall into his drain liao.. Lolz..

Today's mass supper will be until 5am.. Den after tt prob going to hall 7 to crash one of their rooms to see get thru till morning.. Den will haf to be at Kenny's place at 12 noon.. And after tt.. I think i'll go home n sleep all the wae till suday morning! =)

Gonna go now.. Let him use the com lah.. His com really spoil and i need to do my maths tut.. Later got maths and power tutorial.. =(


Time: 1842 Juz back from: Retail Therapy

I got myself a new pair of running shoes!! Yay! Bliss! Spent abt $200 in 45mins.. Nvm lah.. I still enjoyed myself.. Now for round 2.. Food!! Supper, here i come!!!
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