July 29th, 2003


Tiring Tuesday..

Hectic day today.. As if my 930-430 timetable (w/o breaks in between) is not enuf, i had to run out of the lt between lectures to exchange notes and books with my juniors. Den i went for lab half awake n hungry. I still had to drag myself for lab.. And after 3 hrs of gruelling lab work (I suay suay kana the cheem cheem lab today) I really tot i'd faint in there, or die of hunger, or something. By 430, i basically had no more strength to really move ard wif the flu bug still bugging me. Mre abt tt later. But i still had to drag myself to LT 26 for my make up lecture. Tt was after i walked to can A and bk to south spine.. And after the lec i walked bk to can a to take the bus in order to beat the crowd. Den after a lot of changes to my tuition timetabling due to my make up lecture.. Finally settled with going to Jacksen's place to tutor him. Thinking that it would be great to go tutor him today cuz it would be payday today.. But after tutoring him.. It turns out tt he would pay me on Thursday instead.. *sigh* Not tt i need the $$ though but it would be great to see my acc go up by another few digits.. I've got no time to go do proper shopping anywae.. Wed=Tutorial day. I haf to complete 4 tuts by tmw on top of another visit to choon poh's.. Suppose to haf no lessons tmw so that i can go nie to study but due to unforeseen circumstances.. i had to shift it till tmw.. Ah well, life doesn't always turn out as u plan.

I'm still having the dreaded flu.. I'm getting my annual influenza attack. Every year, i will get a long bout of Influenza attack for abt 5 days depending on how i go abt taking care of myself. It's always flu, never coughs, sore throats or others stuff. Not tt i mind though since it's the easiest to cure but still 5 days of aching muscles can be too much for me. Thankfully i discovered it on a sunday.. So at least i go a bit more rest and the aching muscles are not as bad as they were last yr. And my nose is not really blocked.. Juz tt it kinda haf the leaky feeling.. I wonder y i always haf this annual getting ill thingy. I should be thankful that i get ill only once a yr but still.. It can sometimes be really irritating. *sniff sniff* Think there'll be a need to pop a pill or 2 later b4 i go to bed. Will try to go to bed early. Tmw is another busy day. Haf to conserve my brain energy for tutorials tmw.

Right now, i haf to go try to cool myself.. Shall go take a 1/2 an hr shower or something.. Righto~ Off to take my shower.
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