July 28th, 2003


Down with flu...

Live life with a child-like heart!
(Matthew 19:14-15)

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Been feeling a little under the weather lately. Woke up yest felling ok.. But was feeling a little terrible by the late afternoon.. Tried to sleep it off but was woken by a fone call.. I juz blur blur answered the fone in a concussed state n went bk to sleep annoyed that someone had disturbed me from my recovery sleep. Woke up haf an hour later with swollen eyes as i forgot to take out my lenses and also cuz i forgot to change my lenses.. Think i've been wearing this pair for over a mth now. So i woke up looking like some freaking sick woman running amock. Still went online to haf my evening fix and den went to do my econs tut and went to bed at 2pm..

Woke up this morning woth one of the eyes red.. And it was only when i woke up tt i found out tt i was gonna miss my g162 lec due to a mistake on my part. So i got to sch in time for the next lesson which was my econs tut.. Everything went well except tt i kept sniffling n i couldn't concentrate. Ttz the same case with my 4 hr combo lecs.. I nearly died in there... Thank goodness both my kids cancelled their tuition today. I am like ****** right now. Juz popped a pill.. Hope it works well.. Dun like to pop so many pills so juz took one. Am going to take a nap 1st b4 i do my statics..

Ps: Will wonders never cease.. My sis who is crazy with playing the Sims juz told me that she has successful made her 2 male sims kiss one another! What the ...
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