July 23rd, 2003


Ice Skating!!!

Went ice skating with some of my camp mates today. Mainly.. it was #mecha's outing n since we r the v onz pple, we decided to join in the fun. It was initially Gundam's and Chobits' OG outing.. But the programmers, Seniors attached and photographer tok cock a bit n in the end we were all invited to join.. I didn't want to go at 1st cuz none of my frens were going and if i went.. I would be the only programmer there.. Not tt i mind.. The main prob was that i haf never ice skated b4..(yes.. Me v sua gu) And i was thinking.. If i went there.. Den i'd 1)either be mopping the floor or 2)causing major earthquakes. So i told Joseph that i will not be going. But during the channel conversation. Some guy keep getting suaned by me and Chee wee so he got really pek cek and it so happened that i borrowed his lighter durint the night walk in sentosa to light up my mosquito coil. Den tt night cuz it was too dark i also duno who he is.. HE also duno who I was.. And there was another guy.. takumi22.. Also wanted to see who i was.. Haha.. They kept calling me elf cuz during camp one OG said that i was the programmer who looked like an elf. Thus the name stuck.. In the end i decided to go..

Woke up this morning and got to jurong east to meet them. As usual.. Some were late n we decided to haf our breakfast at mac 1st. While ordering our breakfast.. Cheewee came and we did the "da zhu siao zhu" thing on him since he was the one who invented it. Quite a nice guy.. V farni.. Den Joseph kept perstering us to move our butts so that we can fast fast go skate.. So the moment of truth came.. Haha.. When i put on the skates and stepped intot he ring.. 1st thing was to hold on to the sides.. Den using the rollerblading thoeory.. I slowly 'walked' ard the ring a few times b4 getting the hang of it.. I muz say.. Not bad for a 1st timer.. =) I'm proud of myself.. After a while, Zhiyang, and tt David came.. Haha. I finally saw who he was. Tt skinny skinny guy lor.. Hahaha.. Den he saw me and said "So u r Joel lah!" Den Chee wee asked "I tot Joel is a guy's name?" Wahh.. Tt sentence i duno hear how many times already. Anyway.. We had lots of fun skating and i basically skated with Stacey, best freshie, Zhiyang, ex CGL, qiu yun, Chobitz junior, Steven, Gundam OGL and a few others.. Too many already.. HAha.. I think there were abt 20 of us there today.. It's like a camp level outing already cuz we haf the freshies, programmers, OGLs and the photographer.. Hehe.. Pretty cool. And i think it's a v successful outing leh..

While getting ready to go for lunch.. (yep we basically skated from 10-2) Merv called and told us that Warren is in JEC at the gound level!! Now warren is this irritating guy who can irritate the hell out of u even by sitting there n doing nothing. Till now, i haf not seen anybody else who has been thus condemned.. Haha.. Eveyone from top to bottom is out to tekan him during camp. Even his OG hates him to the core. So for this outing.. His OG actually told him tt the outing has been cancelled!! Wahaha.. So when we saw him at the rink. We were like.. Wad to do now? Haha.. He started calling everyone up but no one answerd his call.. Hahaha.. Bestest.. Finally he left us alone.. Den we slowly crept out of the rink n went to LJS for our lunch.. After lunch Stacey, Qiu yun and I left tt place for a while cuz we were freezing in LJS after drinking a whole cup of cold drink.. I haf an extremely low tolerance for the cold.. So Qiuyun went to collect her shoes while the other 2 of us juz tagged along. Not long after.. I got a call from Jack saying that they were leaving.. a min later i got another call from Zhiyang telling me that they r outside KFC.. Nice frens hor.. Never forget me.. Haha.. Still haf to call me twice in a span of 2 mins.. So we got there n it turns out that they were still there decided how to go to the KTV place.. They decided to go to the one at IMM. Cuz i had tuition at 5.30.. I did not join them n came bk home to prepare for my lessons instead. Walked some of them to popular.. Toked to Cheewee on the wae and said my gd byes.. On the wae home.. I nearly fell asleep.. So when i reached home i juz plopped onto the sofa n fell asleep. Got up in time to go for tuition though.. Lucky ah..

Went to both tuition stoned. Watching Nang nak on tv now..
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