July 22nd, 2003



Bwahhh~~ They're all back!! This morning b4 i went to sch.. I was woken up by my mom.. Apparently, she got up on the wrong side of the bed, or rather, in this case.. the plane this morning.. The moment she stepped intot he hse she started complaining.. And when i saw her she went "Oei! U ask me to buy ur alcohol.. So cheap one! Den i also cannot buy my own! Y u buy cheap one har!! Waste only!" Wah kaoz.. I like Vodka cannot har? What i drink u also muz screen screen a bit meh? Yah i noe, vodka is cheap.. In DFS.. Outside vodka cheap meh? Grr... And all the god noes what XO and her Remys.. All in the storeroom for so long already.. still buy what? She doesn't even drink them? Always buy buy buy.. I secretely think she is saving up the liquor so taht she dun haf to buy any for my sis's wedding banquet.. The entire storeroom is full of such wine.. beer.. hard core stuff.. Although most of it belongs to my dad.. But still.. Both of them dun drink these things? They just buy it.. To keep in the storeroom!!!! Argh! So there goes my beautiful morning..

Went to sch.. met up wif Leehin n furball. Everyone whom i noe n i saw went.. "Wahh.. Wad u do to ur hair?" Hehe~ Not the dyeing of hair part but the way i did my hair.. I put the skills i picked up at work into good use.. Bunched up half my hair into a half bun n half ponytail using one of those clips.. Pretty chic i muz say. Even i'm amazed with myself. *twinkles*

Went for my 1st lesson.. Digital electronics.. It was ok.. Still cool.. Next was econs.. still good, at least i still had my micro stuff in me.. Lastly came finance n marketing.. Till now.. It's still going well.. Afterall, it is the 1st lesson and nothing much has been taught for this GE. I think i'll take it up since i like the lecturer and i'm pretty ok with numbers.

Anyway, after sch leehin went to collect his lab manual and Daff went to somewhere.. i dunno where.. So tt left me with Wilson.. (Rewind: Met Daff during econs lec, cy left early cuz he never took tt ge and Wilson was with us for the GE) Now.. I haf never talked to Wilson b4.. Dun think i've met him b4 either cuz he was in grp A and I was in grp b. And basically.. We duno each other.. until today. Thank god none of us are the quiet quiet dun tok one.. Cuz we only haf each other for company all the wae from sch to Tiong bahru.. Ttz where I alight. So once the 2 of them left us behind.. We juz 'ji ji za za' all the wae.. Until i got to my station. I muz say.. He looks a little like Don though. Ah well.. Duno tt guy die where already. Can't be bothered with him.

So tt juz abt ended my day in sch.. Den when i came bk after doing a little grocery shopping, i saw another suitcase in the living room.. Oh gawd~~ My sis is bk too!! Wah!! After 1 week of peace, the 2 terrors are bk!! Horror horror.. Saw that she bought Vodka too! Wonder if my mom scolded her for that.. Dun think so.. My mom only scolds me.. *sigh* So now i'm here typing out my journal while my sis is in her room sleeping away. And i'll go out in a few hrs time to teach Jacksen and.. I got my pay yest!! Yay! But i deposited into the bank straightaway so that i wun be so tempted to spend it.. Now that i'm taking accounting as GE, I better be much better in saving $$ than i use to be so that i can save more!!! =) Maybe come up with a plan like save duno how much everyday and den retire comfortable like what all duz insurance agents are soing.. Oh, CY is taking up insurance as well.. LH n I joked that if he finishes the course.. Dun come to us.. We will stay far far away frm him.. Hahaha...

And i saw Koolman today.. Wondering who he was.. Den the only clue he gave me was.. "During lecture walk in like grandfather tt one" Haha.. Like tt is a real biggie.. But nvm.. Today when he saw me, he called out to me and asked if i noe who is was.. By instinct i said Koolman.. Bingo! He's zhi xiong lah.. Hahah.. Stupid me.. Never think of him..

So the rest of the itinery goes as follows.. Tuition at Jacksen's. Den go get some prezzies for the girlies if i feel like it.. Either i do it today or tmw.. If not.. I will come bk home n rot.. till i vanish with a foul smell.. =p
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