July 21st, 2003


Sch starts tmw!!!!

Sch is starting tmw!!! Yay!! I'm looking forward to seeing all my frens again.. Since our 1st week always only haf lectures only. So tmw i will only haf lessons from 1030-1330 =) And tt'll be it.Den thurs i'll only haf 1 lec at 1330 cuz it's a half day. And on fri i'll haf lec at 1130 and 1330. And tt'll be the end of the week. So i will haf 9 make up lectures coming up! That is 9 hrs of extra classes! Wah!!! Tt is even more siong than me trying to do make up tuition lessons for my kid cuz of my camp..

Saw this quote form the google box-When anger subsides, regret sets in. How true. So, lesson number 1: Do not get angry. Or u might juz turn green aka, the hulk. I caught the show early this morning. Not v fantastic.. And i'm glad i did not watch tt show in the cinema.. The show was.. V horribly animated.. Ah well. Whatever. I'm gonna see what i haf to bring for sch tmw. Seems that NUS introduced a new SARS module. Lame~
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