July 20th, 2003


Drastic action required..

I haf decided to drop one of my kids.. The one who i haf no interest in teaching and is not taking any major exams this yr. So i decided that i should love teaching.. If i dun like it.. I should juz forgo it no matter how good it pays.. So that juz took $180 off my income.. I guess it wun really matter as long as i kill my extreme spending and all my excuses for retail therapy. But i think i juz need to cut down on my expenses on dining.. A lot of my expenditure is on dining..

For the past mths.. I've gone to Lawry's 9 times and paid for my share 3 times.. Went to Sakae.. Erm i think abt 15 times.. Paid.. According to my card.. 6 times Went clubbing countless of times.. Forgot how many already since tt was during the start of the holidays.. According to the card.. I used it 10 times.. Also some hi tea at The Gapz.. So summing it all up for the hols.. Lawry's-$400.64 Sakae-$149.45 Clubbing-$180 Gapz-86.95.. Tt totals up to $817.04. All these excluding the cash withdrawals i made for cash payments for various outings like steamboats and marina.. KTVs.. and Coffees as well.. Think i easily spent $1000 on food during my holidays.. All excluding meals that i've had at home.. I need to cut down on my appetite.. Or rather.. My taste for ex food.. Used to eating ard at such places.. So i always suggest such places... Bad idea to ask me to suggest places.. Which is y i always tell my frens that i haf no idea where to go.. So that they can bring me to places tt are 1)Inexpensive 2)Fresh 3)Interesting but my frens.. *sigh* Always asks me to go chomp chomp ah.. Maxwell ah.. Tiong bahru.. So the next best option i suggest wld be.. "Let's go Hard Rock" Usually, they will opt to go there.. Ah.. And i also forgot to add the times when i went hard rock.. Aiyah.. Spent too much on food already.. Eat so much luckily still maintain my wt.. Although i think my muscle all become fats.. Den more fats pile up.. Ttz y maintain wt.. Or else lose muscle will lose wt one.. *double sigh* exercise time.. Sch starting.. Thank god i go jogging when i'm stressed.. Guess there'll be plenty of chances for exercise.

Other than spending less on food.. I think there'll be not much time for shopping.. So retail therapy is indefinately out... *breathes a sigh of relief* Ah well.. At least its a plan. ;p
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