July 17th, 2003



You are old school. Fat Sheriff Deputies fancy you. Reliable but not too practical.
Smith & Wessen .44 Magnum. You are old school. Fat
Sheriff Deputies fancy you. Reliable but not
too practical.

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Remember the senior i told u guy i met in the library all the time when i was mugging for my exams during the sars period? Met him in camp and he added me in icq.. Hmm.. He really v hard working.. Works in the sch library.. ah... Duno where he get such lobangs one.. hahaha..

Shoot!!!! I'm peeling!!! V badly!!! Ahhh!!!! I feel like a snake shedding skin.. I rub my shoulders and skin comes of!! And it's a whole piece of dead skin!! Ahhh!!!! Later i still wanna go dye my hair!!! Dis time is die die die!! I dun dare to look into the mirror already... Ahh... How?!?!?! Aiyo.. D's mom juz called.. Said she has something for me.. D sent it over.. Ask me go over in the evening.. I'll go after my hairdresser's appt.. Now.. i muz find something to wear so that none of my frens can see my horrible peel.. I haven looked into the mirror yet but i can imagine what i'll see... *disgusted*

Ok.. Juz looked into the mirror.. not as bad as i imagined.. I still can wear my sleeveless out.. although there will be a v obvious difference in skin colour.. But.. only the left side is peeling.. my right is still alright.. *curiouser & curiouser* Gonna go wash up and get ready. Dyed hair here i come!!!
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    another dumb blonde

Copper blonde...

Ttz the colour of the dye i coloured my hair wif.. hee~ Alvin went wif me to dye my hair. He juz dyed his hair blonde.. And so his contrast was more than mine. And he dyed his whole hair while i juz highlighted mine.. and i left portions of my hair untouched so that i can hide more funky colours under my hair.. Den when i go for tuition i will let down my hair.. Den when i go out i can do a half clip and hehe.. show off something else.. But tt'll haf to wait.. i might do some streaks and i might not.. will ask for response 1st.. but i like my "half-done" hair job now.. heehee.. nice fringe wif darker ends..

There's a talk tmw.. i still haven decided if i'm gonna go for it.. Prob not.. I haf got a gut feeling that it's gonna be one of those redundant talks.. but i still haf got to go to sch to collect my notes. And after tt i'm gonna haf lunch with my ex classmates.. Oh and my mom had gone to Maldives too!! Yeah!!! *but still sore with her for not bringing me along* Nvm.. i will go when my stuff is more or less done.. i suddenlyr ealised that after my kids' exams.. i will suddenly haf 3 less students.. Meaning.. i will only haf one student left! Horror!! Haf to plan to get more kids at the end of the yr.. In the meantime.. i will try not to spend so much.. *prays* *crosses fingers* *will try to remember*
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