June 26th, 2003


Events events events....

you are buffy and angel!
you are buffy and angel!

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Oh, yea i agree, it totally sucks..ah well..

So.. Day began at sembawang.. Was there early.. And early in the morning i was a bit blur.. Hence AS.. But after tt chee siong came and talk to me.. The 1st thing i noticed was tt his teeth is damn white.. Ans i was wondering y.. Den i realised that he has taken his braces off!! Good for him. I always thoyght that 50% of ur looks depends on ur teeth and 50% on ur hair.. So he introed everyone whom i duno..So after tt i more or less noe who they are.. Lemme remember.. Theres Hafzal, Jon, Nic, kokchoon, jun wei, hong fa and for the rest... U've guessed it.. I cannot remember already. So ah.. Toked to them a bit.. Jon is in the same grp as I. And i finally realised that Chee siong and Tee kong are 2 diff pple.

So we proceeded to Sembawang camp at 1000hrs.. cuz tt was when everybody reached.. And we were suppose to be there by 9!! It was a short journey and there we were.. At the girls bridgade camp. So we toured the place a bit.. Quite small.. Den went to the park.. Got 4 swings!!!!! Hahah... During camp i happy already..

Den we went to the pier.. A small one.. V dirty cuz the shipyard is v v near the jetty.. So ah.. We decided that we will not do any dipping there.. Den we took a grp photo.. Looked ard a bit tt the pple there fishing for fish tat eats the horrible dirty waste in the waters... Wah.. No wonder pple get all the cancers things.. All the pollution we all eat into our stomachs... Den off we left the camp site

At the train station, we decided to haf lunch together.. Chee siong was talking to me abt what fac i got into and was telling me abt his suay stuff.. He's also in EEE and during his attachment not too long ago.. His company folded in the middle of his IA!! And the boss ran away with the money! It wasn't till they got to the office the next morning and found it locked.. Poor guys.. Den was also saying that yr 3 is the siongest yr cuz they haf to take 9subj a sem.. I think that included GEs.. Den at the dinner table, all the programmers were sitting in 2 tables.. Happened the one of the table has got all mpe students and the other EEE students.. except for one mpe guy.. So thruout the entire thing.. Tt guy was regularly being suaned..

So we finished and everyone went home.. I went to gif my kid tuition.. In the middle of it, received an sms from ray.. So we went doen to Holland V after tuition and went to haf Viet cuisine. After that we went to NYDC to haf dessert.. And our dessert actually cost more that out dinner!! =p After tt we went down to Tiong Bahru to watch Charlie's angel.. We met Faith there!! She was with her bf and she looks so pretty now!!! Ray was saying that she looked slimmer and cuz i wa engrossed in speaking to her.. I didn't really notice how she looked.. So we walked ard the shops.. Which were generally closing, and finally went into the cinema..

Charlie's Angels is basically a chick flick if u r into the GI jane with a lot of T&A.. And a little comedy as well.. I like the part were tt old angel(the good one) came down and talked to Drew abt leaving the angels.. So everything turned out pretty ok.. And that guy who was the lead in WILLARD also starred in this movie.. Nevertheless, he still looks as freaky and psychotic as ever..

Finally got home and watched the last 5 min of SHIRI. I've got that vcd and watched it a few time so i basically knew what that show was abt.. So i couldn't care less. Dorothy called to discuss with me abt the beach events at Sentosa and i cleard all her doubts in abt 7 mins.. Went to take a shower and my mum was complaning again.. Asked me if we haf a jacuzzi in the bathroom.. How come i bathe so long? Aiya, if there was a jacuzzi, or a bathtub, i would haf stayed in there for hours and not 15min.. Always wanting to use the toilet when i'm inside.. So irritating.

So there you haf it.. And i'm gonna haf to go to sch as well for dance prac later.. Think i'm meeting ange at 4.30 Boon Lay.. Ah well.. Good day today.. I feel good!! =)

Ps: Clint juz smsed me yest saying that there were some change of plans.. He's going Taiwan instead.. I want!!! Haha.. I'll get him to bring bk stuff for me... ;p
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Small small world..

I've been meeting a lot of my "old" frens lately.. I juz came bk from my engin meeting and i found out that one of my grp members is my primary sch mate.. Not i remembered her.. She was the one asking me if i was from that sch and i was like.. Err.. Yes.. But i dun remember u.. Den she still said she was in the same class as i in pri 5 i think.. But i really cannot remember that fact.. I only noe that i noe a ger called Dorothy .. But ah.. I was never v v close with her.. Pri sch i was already v AS so.. Heehee.. Anyway.. I'm gonna haf my dinner now.. Ciao~
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