June 24th, 2003


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1)Starting time: 1104
2)School: NTU
3)E-mail: bluewhale1983@hotmail.com
4)Star sign: Virgo
5)Chinese Zodiac sign: Pig
6)Siblings: one older and younger sister
7)Good friends: Good frens lor!
8)Ever go out late @ nite: Yea yea
9)Ever missed school because it was raining?:? Nope
10)How often do you go out: Everyday11
11)Wish 4 sister or brother: No, I wish i didn't haf any siblings.. =p
12)Ever at anytime owned a 'New Kids on the Block'tape?: No.. Too old for me ah!
13)Ever prank called someone: Plenty of times... To the pple i noe of cuz
14)Favourite things: CDs, VCDs,
15)Colors: blue
16)Online: depends
17)Countries: Switzerland
18)Like anyone: Duh..
19)Who do you go to for advice: The 3 stooges
20)Who do you get along with best: One of the 3?
----------IN THE LAST 2 WEEKS HAVE YOU------------
21)Been mean: Ahhh.. Yes.. Kinda
22)Been sarcastic: Always haf been
23)Missed someone: Always missing some of them
24)Hugged someone: Yes
25)Wished upon a star: Yep
26)Played Truth or Dare: Yes, yes, yes.. Duz were the days..
27)Watched a sunrise/sunset: Yes..
28)Went to the beach at night: Yup yup..
----------DO YOU BELIEVE IN-------
29)God/Devil: yes
30)Love: yes
31)Curse: yes.
32)Heaven/hell: yes
33)superstitions: Sometimes
34)Who named you?: My parents
35)Backstreets or N'sync: BSB...
36)When was the last time you went out?: Yesterday
37)When was the last time you were online: Yesterday
38)What is right next to you?: Rubbish
39)What is your computer desk made of?: Dunch noe, dunch care
40)What was the last thing that you ate: Forget already leh
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Ok.. So i'm gonna officially declare that we are having an outing this Sunday. Pple who will "peng chang": Charlene, Weiting, Shini, Yuzhen, Marie, Debbie, Serene, Siangmeng, Josh, Ray, Haiming and prob Debbie

Pple who cannot make it: Jorissa, Jace, Yeomin, Yvonne

And the rest r still missing in sction.. And i can't be bothered..

Met Jace at Tiong Bahru today.. Was with Simon when i saw her.. She juz finshed work and was waiting for time to pass b4 going to sch for her band concert..

Ok.. Today was a boorring day for me.. Except for the many many msges waiting me cuz i left my com n everything on when i left the house.. When i came bk.. Everything was blinking ah.. Terrible..

Anyway, juz found out that Clinton will be going on course for 6 mths.. Haha..

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Happy Deathday!
Your name:_joel_
You will die on:Thursday, September 8, 2022
You will die of:Cafeine Overdose
Created by Quill

What the **** i dun even drink as much caffine as my comrades! In fact i drink the least! After that caffine overdose at starbucks i try not to drink coffee anymore.. Soo not true... And how come i die so young?? *choi!*

Today i will haf to force myself to sleep early.. Cuz i will haf to wke up at 7 and get ready to recee Sembawang for the up and coming camp.. Also haf to rush all over the island on thurs.. But will tok abt tt when it's here.. For now, it's time to chill n relax for as long as i want till bed time..

ICE is your chinese symbol!

What Chinese Symbol Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Wah.. This one's cool.. But i v ice maiden meh? I tot i pretty frenly one? Ok.. Maybe sometimes i can be pretty icy.. But most of the time i'm called ice maiden cuz my hands freeze up pretty fast.. heehee~ Nevertheless.. This one also a bit not true.. I'm v v friendly one!!!!!
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