June 18th, 2003


Happy happy day...

Beckham is going to Real Madrid!!! Yeah!!!! Haha... And stupid Barcelona was still saying They will get him instead. Anywayz, although i like Man U and Beckham's absence will be a loss.. I feel that Ferguson (Big fat bitch!) has been treating him too badly for anyone's liking. Anyway, off to Real he goes.. Now, i hope there will be no more matches between Man U and Real Madrid or i wouldn't noe who to support.. =p

Oh, this is stupid.. Now my mom is disturbing my dad abt complicated matters.. And i haf to bear the brunt of all the nonsense.. Thank goodness i'll be leaving to visit my kid.. Or my ears will most prob rot.

Actually made plans to go pool.. Xiao wei was asking me along but she had to confirm again since she's going down to Sentosa tmw.. Anywaez, Alvin called me after tt and asked if i wanted to go down to the Esplanade.. YESYESYES!!! (Ok, so i'm nuts) So i confirm with him to go after i finish tuition tmw.. Yikes.. Haf to run along now.. Tok more later!


Juz came bk from my 4.5km run.. No more strength to do the last 500m den i detour bk home already.. Too long never run.. Not wonder i got fatter.. *sigh* It's ok.. I just made it compulsory to go run at leat 3 times a week if time allows or else muz go down at least twice.. So i expect to see results soon! Yippee!! (Actually juz want my abs to show again, so y am i training my stamina as well?)

Perfect way to end off a beautiful day. Met a secondary fren at the train station juz now. Been years since i last saw choon onn.. He looks exactly the same maybe a little bigger and taller. But don't we all grow in JC? So i finally got a little workout.. Got to bump into my fren and Kudos to Real for getting Beckham.. Muz go to take a shower now.. Looking like i just had sex or something.. Yikes..
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