June 16th, 2003



Ok.. So i'm bk from my concussed self... Had a nice looong sleep last night.. But duz days of going without sleep prob took a few yrs of my life... At this rate, i'm v sure tt i'll die young. *horrified look* Anywae.. took some pics last night.. So i'll post them on my webbie..

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Okie.. So i'm thinking of going to cut my locks today.. Any maybe go dye it or something.. Den i guess i will really look v lianish with the gold n da red.. But if i really did do my hair blonde.. Does anyone think that my mom will freak out??? I guess.. =p Haha.. I'll think on it first b4 causing her to haf a major heart attack or something..

Abyway.. The dyeing of hair can wait..
first i haf to go cut hair!! Ok.. Just the fringe.. Though i think i should cut my hair short as well...

The day looks good.. I feel fine.. and since i'm going down to sentosa tmw, i shall go shopping.. Haha.. I can hear D saying "Lame excuse!!!!" Eh, but i think that is a valid excuse.. At last i'm gonna get a nice tann tmw.. But i'll haf to remember to bring my sun block.. Or i'll get burnt.. Tmw will be a looong day at the beach so sun block is a must.. So when i go out on wed i expect my bod to be a goldren brown colour and not red, red and more red.. =D

I've had complaints from lim han that my journal entries are too long.. Y should i care what he says??? This is MY journal!! I do what i like!!! Bitch!

Ok.. lost it there..

Ray called.. Says he's ard my area and is off today.. Asked me if i wanted to go out.. Nononon... I dun want to go out with him.. I want to go shopping!! And i dun like pple ard when i'm shopping.. I usually end up buying nothing when i'm with pple.. I'm the ..... lone shopper.. I just enjoy shopping alone.. Den no one can say i'm killing them with lomg hrs or tortorous shopping. On the other hand.. guys who pulls me to go shopping with them can act like our ladies and for one particular item they set out with, they end up with 10 other items.. Brrr...

Oh no!!! the flat above me are doing the renovations.. And i'm pissed with my dad for making my room look like a rubbish dump.. One day, when i get mad i'll dump all his stuff down the rubbish chute.. Or call the garang guni man and sell them all away... How can a guy like buying stuff so much? My entire storeroom is packed with his books.. He also haf 6 floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that are filled to the brim with books.. And not to mention the various cupboards that he placed anyhow causing the entire house to be a mess.. And he infiltrated into my territory and made a v clean and easy to manage room into a nightmare... Geez.. I detest guys like tt.. Like pests that u can't get rid of.

Ok.. i'll do up my webbie so my frens can see how karen's b'dae party was like.. Till den, Au reviour~~~~
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success!!!! Finally found out how to do this thing.. Ok.. I can start shifting all my pics to LJ now n save everyone from the hassle.. BTW this is the kid from the canvassing project


Ok.. I haf finally succeeded in linking my pics up here... A bit the sua ku but i think it's already an improvement considering that i'm a bane to electrical appliances and the works.. D was joking that if i really got into EEE, heaven knows how many devices that they haf to replace every sem.. Oh, and i am gonna cut my fringe and thin my hair.. And dyeing will still not come until i have come to a consensus with my mom.

Ok.. i can go sha tan with my classmates already.. Tmw!! Can't wait.. Wait a min.. CC juz msged me.. Saying tt Reyna might not be able to make it.. Which means.. I'll be the only gal in a sea of guys.. Y does this crap always happen to me???? Ah well, nvm.. Think we'll all haf fun anywae.. I juz got a cramp in my right calf muscle this morning.. and it's v v sore..

Goodness.. My dad's singing some Huang Feihong kung fu song on the karaoke now.. I think i will make my way down to bugis now.. The singing is horrible... *bleah*

Muz remember to buy my sun blk as well.. Finished mine already
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More stuff...

Alvin and I... Haha.. He's as usual.. goofing ard... =p A bit small but ttz what u get frm a neoprint!! =p.. Mai hiam ah...

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And the other is from the trip to Genting last year!! Haha.. I finally got it out from my digicam!!! =p Learnt the skill from josh.. =>>title or description

And these are the pics that i took yesterday

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Alvin and I... Haha.. He's as usual.. goofing ard... =p A bit small but ttz what u get frm a neoprint!! =p.. Mai hiam ah...

<img src="http://pic8.picturetrail.com/VOL245/1198461/2269120/27433571.jpg" alt="title or description" /> <img src="http://pic8.picturetrail.com/VOL245/1198461/2269120/27433874.jpg" alt="title or description" />

And the other is from the trip to Genting last year!! Haha.. I finally got it out from my digicam!!! =p Learnt the skill from josh.. =>><img src="http://pic8.picturetrail.com/VOL245/1198461/2269120/27434045.jpg" alt="title or description" height="300" width="400"/>

And these are the pics that i took yesterday

<img src="http://pic8.picturetrail.com/VOL245/1198461/2269120/27434053.jpg" height="300" width="400"//> <img src="http://pic8.picturetrail.com/VOL245/1198461/2269120/27434059.jpg" height="300" width="400"/> <img src="http://pic8.picturetrail.com/VOL245/1198461/2269120/27434066.jpg" height="300" width="400"/> <img src="http://pic8.picturetrail.com/VOL245/1198461/2269120/27434050.jpg" height="300" width="400"/>

The only female there is our resident mei nu... Hehe.. Haha.. We were joking abt this pic.. Saying that she is blatently ignoring Limhan.. =p Thank goodness my dad finally stopped singing.. But i really haf to be going.. I dun want to mix with the after work crowds... Yuck yuck.. Heehee... I'm seriously camera happy now.. And the com table is in a mess.. Like Josh said.. My living room is in a terrible mess.. Can be compared to his room b4 he got his maid.. Hehe.. Still think my room is the neatest in the house... *Beams* EXCEPT, for tt huge pile of rubbish left there by that somebody... Well, Bugis! Here i come!!
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Shopping!!! Whee!!!

Went down to Bugis and got every thing done in 1 1/2 hrs flat.. Hehe.. Got my bag.. Clothes and all the barang i wanted to get. My wallet is definately lighter but it's ok.. I'm still floating!! HAhaha.. Even without working i still can spend as and when i want to.. I think tt is a miracle.. I haf my tuitees and their parents to thank.. Of cuz.. I haf to gif some credit to myself as well. I'm not a bad tutor ya noe.. And i'm more of a fren than a tutor to my kids.. Luv 'em!

Will do an opening ceremony later.. Now i juz chuck them all in my room.. Cuz i was more excited abt the parcel that i received.. Haha.. DHL ah!!! Confirm mine, mine,MINE!!!! Mwahahaha.. I'm a little off the top cuz of what's inside!! I got my sling!!! Hahaha... Tt really came as a surprise cuz i didn't ask for it!! It juz popped up!! Haha.. I think there might be a telepathy thing going between D and I.. Anywae.. I sooo lurve that bag.. Lurved it the day i saw it.. And absolutely love it now!! Hehe.. I'm such a spoilt brat..

Anyway i haf to be going.. Today muz try to sleep early.. Going sentosa tmw!! I dun wanna fall asleep in the middle of tanning.. v v dangerous.. Haha.. And my sis also has to use the com.. I'm wondering abt my com at the end of the yr.. If i were to get a router.. Will there be an irritating firewall??? Is there a way to dosable it?? Able complter technians pls help out here..
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