May 6th, 2003



Been so busy the past few days that i haven't been able to write more than just a few lines. Guess this will still be the case today since i still have 4 more papers to go. An update on how my exams went.. Electronics was alright.. Dynamics was a killer.. Chem was alright and i could haf done better if not for a couple of careless mistakes. But wun fail chem lah.. More worried for the other 2. Ah well, dun think too much. Wait till the results come out.

Came home with my classmates today. It's amazing that being in the same class for the entire sem and we haven have had a proper chat. So today toked a lot of crap with them. Found out that one lives in Hougang and the other in Bishan. And both of them bao the si da tian wang. Duno what that means? I didn't noe either. Until they told me a few hrs ago. It means, Electric circuits, statics, maths and physics. Wah.. Tis is much worse than me. But one of them have applied for another course in bio science and science. Juz duno if he got it or not. Anyway, realised that usually the v good looking guys are not v smart.. Hehe... Juz something that i observed lah. But this is just my pt of view. I've only met a handful of good looking and smart ones.

Ok i go and eat my cookies already. Heck abt chocolates being heaty. I'm v stressed, will eat more chocolates.
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