April 26th, 2003


SBS driver...

Just got back from a "suppose" tuition lesson just now. Suppose because he wasn't at home!!!! Grrr... Make me go all the way there and performs a disappearing act. Felt like killing him. I hate it when tuition disrupts my entire timetable.. (Tuition was suppose to be on fri but he requested to change it to today)

So, in an attempt to hide my disgust, and to simmer my anger i went shopping. So off i went to 1.99 where they were having their closing down sale so i went and got the bags that my sis wanted me to get for her.. Hm.. She hasn't paid me yet.. Den i went to the accessories shop to look ard and i finally got a shirt for my hp!! Haha, been trying to find it but to no avail, suddenly when i'm not looking for one, the perfect one pops up! Yeah!

When i was boarding the bus, this bus driver mumbled something at me (i was plugged into my discman at high volume so i was kind oblivious to my surroundings. I just could make out that he was telling me or asking me something) Thinking that he must be asking me for some form of identification(I'm using the tertiary EZ link) I pulled out my earphones and said, "beg ur pardon?" He smiled at me and saif "Good evening" And by reflex i said "Evening" Was wondering y the bus driver was so courteous all of a sudden. When i got bk, i told my sis abt this bus driver. I still can remember the license plate number.. SBS 741x . It was den that she told me that it's in conjunction with the Kim Ng show. I went "huh?" Kinda farni, but i kinda like the fact that drivers haf become courteous! =D

Gonna go grab some dinner now. Hm, decided that i will try to catch X-men 2 in the cinema.
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