April 15th, 2003


Ritz Carlton..

In one of the school's lecture theaters. My frens and i decided to use the huge tables of the LT's instead of those tiny tables that they provide in the classrooms and to prevent squeezing with all the rest of the students in the library. Now you still have to fill in this form when you enter the library. Seems to be liked to the Sars outbreak. I didn't see what the form ws abt cuz when i saw the crowded library, i walked oout right away. Can't stand studying in places where it is crowded.

So decided to find any empty lecture theater and study in it. It is a little stuffy here though. But i guess it is still better than the air outside. Hot and humid. Just finished my tut 4 of electronics part one. Will ask Gareth about part II tut 3 later. Oops, there is this technician changing the flourecent lamps above me. Pls dun let anything fall on me.

Gareth asked me how the ball went and went his roomie who was having lunch with us heard it. He was telling me what a feast i must have had. When i told him the food wasn't as fantastic as he thought, he said that every officer has to pay ard $700. Oh goodness. I was appalled. This must be some event organised to "kotok"(duno how to spell) the poor guys. Now, i didn't ask Da how much he paid for his cdo dinner. But he is rich, don't have to care about how expensive the dinner is. He just spends money like spending water.

Gonna stop teaching tuition for a month in order to prepare for the exams. Right now, i will be able to finish everything and do lot more. But others will be able to do the same thing as well. Also, from the way CC is studying, i think he is an extremist. He sounds v stressed. But he always is like that. But he also plays v hard during the holidays.

Read josh's journal and realised that there is someone even more terrible than me when it comes to destroying computers. Apparently this guys somehow damaged Derrick's computer so badly that Josh has no way of fixing it. Oh well, as long as my comp i working fine i'm happy enough. Won't care so much about other' computers. Somehow i will cause the pc to cork up and die.

A thing about Sunday's commissioning ball. Saw how they killed the quail and the chicken. Was reminded about all graphic details DND always told me about. Also remember how Miss Kumar called them "dumb birds". Anyhow, it wasn't really that bad. Maybe i've been watching too much horror films to be affected by all these slaughterings. Perhaps i'm more affacted by sudden attacks. Oh, and i pity the chicken featured in the video. That lousy guy apparently (in SM's words) "Mei chi fan" and needen to twist the poor chicken necks several times before the head and the body came apart. And the wings were just flapping and flapping. Couldn't spot the bin though. Must have been thrown into the bin immediately after beheading the chicken.

Better get back to my books now. First have to get some water from the cooler..
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