April 12th, 2003


Electronics part 2 tut 2..

Finally mange to get myself to move my butt and complete tut 2. been taking too long to make the first step. Will prob be going to the library later if i wake up early or maybe just stay at home. Think i shall stay at home. I want to see my shuai ge show. But think i will just record it since it clashes with my tuition.

Yes, tuition has been postponed yet again. But i dun really mind as this kid of mine is the kind whom u can't really be mad at. Even if he tries to piss you off, you won't be angry with him for too long. And he is smart as well, v knowledgable. Perhaps even more than me. I just spend my time watching hopeless tv shows and reading trashy mags. Only that he is too active and can't stay still for long. Somewat like me. Maybe that is why we get along so well. He is weak in his maths though. Can never haf the patience to solve the problems thru and someti,es he just makes plenty of mistakes and guiding him thru can be a v tedious job. But i like this kid. v motivating and he sometimes improves my general knowledge. Now i know what PS2 games are on the market right now. (Some of them, at least) And he is another vcd maniac. Practically watches everything on vcds. Can predict that he is gonna be a heart throb when he grows up. Not the v decent guai guai kind but the little rich beng kind. Yes, this kids is born to a rich family. That is y i'm getting paid so much for the little things that i do.

Feeling tired already. Attended maths lecture today. Got to understand the final bit of it. Keith and I decided that we should come up with some cheat sheets for dynamics since it is an open book exam. I will be compiling tuts 5-8 while Daff and he will do the rest. Gonna start doing it after i'm finished with my electronics. Will finish tut3 of part 2 and move on the tut 4 or 5 of part 1. Am really bad at the first part. But Keith is able to understand v well since he got a v zai tutor. As for me, my tutor isn't that fantatic but i could still stand him although standing him does not have any relation to understanding him whatsoever.

My eyes are clamping shut. Gonna get some rest.
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