April 6th, 2003



My sis got another few days of holidays. Not in the mood to write too much today. Feeling out of sorts today. Just watched the new flash from kokoro. Erm, not too bad. They always manage to draw out the characters perfect. Guohua tried making a flash b4, but after making 20 secs of it, he got tired and the attempt wash flushed down the toilet bowl. Watched Taxi 3 already. Reaaly duno what they are toking abt except for the little bits that D told me in advance. Not as exciting as Taxi 2 though. Watched the recruit as well, a really boring show. Fell asleep halfwae thru the show. The ending was blah as well. What movies are there nice to watch? Prob the korean show "Who are you?" and Thai movie "Iron ladies II". As for the rest. Dun think they are anywhere near fantastic.

Wondering if i want to go out today. Promised someone that i will go out today but right now, i juz dun feel like it. Let's just see what happens later. If it gets really bad den i'll just take my leave earlier. Guess i need some time to get my act together. I'm literally falling apart.

By the way, Josh, Siangmeng and all the rest of the 00S15 grp who are reading this. Guoliang is organising a bbq or gathering on the 19th of april. The sat right after gd friday cuz the guys will prob get a long weekend. Just to inform you pple in advance. I'll still haf to call you guys up one by one. Think i'll just stick to smsing. No mood to tok to anyone now. I'm having a major attitude problem.

Have to go now. See ya guys soon~
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