March 25th, 2003


Weird ol' me..

My frens haf condemned me to the weird person showcase. Apparently, me not using the wallet that he sent over is considered weird. Okay, so i preferred to use a fake SF wallet than the authentic one. But i do haf my reason. That wallet is too classy for SCHOOL usage!!!!! Idiot.. Condemn me till like tt. Dun even make an attempt to remember that i'm still schooling. Old man.. Duno y they hire pple like him. Waste $$ on a car that he didn't even own for 1/2 a yr.. Tsk tsk.. wasteful, wasteful.. *bleah* Still i'm not going to bring the wallet to school even if he kills me.. Juz let it rot in it's box.. Hrumph! Makes me look like some lecturer instead of a student..

Back in school, i crashed grp A lecture today. Hee~ Spent most of our time looking at the crushes and the crushees of some of my frens. They haf quite a few decent looking guys in their lecture group. One of them looks like a guy from the group Energy. I duno which Energy guy tt is cuz i dun reali listen to mandarin pop so i juz took their word for it. Another few looked really really cute. Tall tall, well built, tanned, chiseled frame and they haf tt million dollar grin. Definately drool-worthy.. Tt is when compared to the guys in my lecture group. Duz guys in my group mostly v jialut.. Hmm, i think it may be because of their dressing. The other group are having their comm skills presentations this week. So both the guys n gals made an effort to dress up. Esp the guys, a major contrast with the guys in grp b. So, dressing really makes a great difference. No wonder first impressions are ever so important. Now, who says looks aren't important? Character is not usually the first thing that you will notice about the other party. Dun try to lie, the first thing that you notice is how pple look. It's only after getting to noe more about the person tt you will find that character is more impt that looks. So even though looks are not the most impt factor, i think that it is the thing tt will first get you to noticed the other party. =)

Swimming in maths now, gonna haf my dinner while i finish my ranma 1/2 series.. Feel v full now, just finished a whole bottle of new yr cookies.. Thinking of skipping dinner.. What ever..

Talking to Clinton now, he is saying that he wants to see Saddam being bombed. Never see him for so long and the first few things he says to me is BOMB SADDAM! Sadist to the max. But it's nice hearing from him, his new pc was down due to some virus that swept up his entire hard drive i think.. Haha, serves him right for dling so much rubbish porn..

I go burn my stuff already.. Some rubbish guy asked me do something for him again.. Grr.. Y can't i just say no instead of complaining to myself here and making myself miserable? Because i haf been brought up the wrong way. Nevermind, sometimes i think i majorly spoilt to the core but right now i really think that i'm being too nice to others and causing harm to myself.. I'm just lousy at making such decisions..

Ps: Josh, waiting for ur bbq. But plan it sometime in May or June kay! =p....
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Differential equations....

Wonder who invented all these things.. My lecturer always jokes that mathematictians are pple who are v free and love solving equations n inventing new ones whenever they can. I'm just glad that they did not invent more of these stinky equations which i haf to remember and must learn to love them so that they will not conk up on me during the exams. Almost finished "swimming" back to shore for my G165. Should be able to finish by tmw. Den will go back to Dynamics. I'm taking an awfully long time to finish my G163. It is juz so gay. The pace of the lecturer is so fast. For every one hr lecture i need two hrs to complete sometimes more. As for the one hr tutorials. I will need at least 2 hrs to complete the easy ones while the tougher ones can take up to 4 hrs.. Which is y i like G165 better than G163 and G161. At least i understand it and the numbers dun look so gothic.

Need to go take a shower, midnight heatwave is here again.
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