March 2nd, 2003



How do you tell a guy that you dun want him to call you anymore? And no, i did not gif him my number. Stupid siangmeng did. Idiot despo. Siangmeng u *toot* you noe who i'm toking abt. CAn you ask him not to call or disturb me anymore?!?!?!

Basically this guy from my jc keeps msging me. When i ignore the smses, he calls me on the fone n asks me funny questions like. "Eh, you remember this guy from so n so class? Ah, i think he is v talkative leh. Wad do u think." Wad i think? I dun care. I juz want to cut off his call. But i din do tt cuz it would be mean. And he is in the same course as i. A v smart guy. But i would reali appreciate it if he does not call me anymore. He gives me the creeps. Eeks. I'm not usuali like that but it juz happens that this guys gives me the creeps.

Oh God, gif me some ideas here. I juz duno how to break it to him gently. Easier to ask someone to do it for me? Think it is still evil of me to do that. Right now i can onli think of ignoring his smses n calls. Grrr... SM ah, next time dun get me into such trouble ah.
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