February 25th, 2003



Went to sizzler's to celebrate josh's bdae yesh... Yummy, the teriyaki chicken was tender n well marinated n even though i added a lot of lemon juice to go wif it i still manage to taste the marinating suace.. V thick layer of teriyaki sauce might i add.. And the helpings were so huge!!Everyone was so full that we reali can't take any more food..

Printing out some documents for my formal report now..duno y but my printer keeps jamming the paper.. Irritating.. Muz try to earn more money to invest in a proper laser printer.

Juz saw the trailer for the new jap horror movie frm tsan yu.. Kaoz, i din noe wat the link was for.. Den when i saw it was a win media file i tot it was an mtv.. Goodness.. Den i heard the sound saw the kid.. It is 1.30 in the wee hrs of the morning leh.... Tsan yu ah.. Next time want to send these kind of links muz gif warning one.. Den i will choose proper timing to open ur link mah... If i'm not the kind who watches horror movies v often, i think i'll haf a heart attack by now.. Interested pple can click on the link below..

Movie Trailer

Goodness.. the kind of things tt can happen to you.. In that 1.41 min of the trailer, you see the little boy wif no whites in his eyes, you see the girl wif long tangly hair floating above the lead actress' bed den while bathing she actuali felt another persons hand on her neck.. n i mean actuali touched it.. Gee, look ma, 3 hands! Brrr... But think trailers get the best part of the movie.. Hmm.. Muz go n watch if it comes out in singapore.. See if it is any good..

I better get some rest, tmw still haf to do a lot of catching up n revision.. ZZZzzz.....
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