February 23rd, 2003



Still can't figure out wat i'm doing wif dynamics.. Suppose to b the onli subject where i attend the lectures religiously yet i still dun understand wat it is all abt.. Getting a little confused.. Juz can't figure it out. Will try again tmw.

I'll haf to go down city hall for josh's bdae.. Duno wat we'll be doing.. Thinking of not going, not in the mood to go when i can't figure out dynamics.. Hopefuli by tmw afternoon i can get it all in order. Den go his bdae celebration also can relax better.. Dun need to keep thinking of all the diff equations n how they convert.. Actuali converting is not tt bad.. It's the axis n how u define them according to different points of references.. But since so many of my seniors haf passed this subj n all the others, i'm sure i can do it as well as they can.. Juz haf to work harder during the recess n den keep up wif the lectures. Den during study break also wun be as tedious as last sem when i was juz drowning in all the revisions..

Time for me to go to bed.. Still haf to get up in time to watch another korean drama on channel U or 8 at 11.. Forgot which channel already. Channel surf most of the time.. Frens always comment tt i go for nice guys tt nobody else will notice.. n i wonder y... think abt it b4 i fall asleep...

Nitez, or rather, Morning everyone.
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