February 15th, 2003


Saturday... Civil Defence Day... Bash... Busy day...

Juz got bk frm Sim Lim to return or rather, exchange a new slimx2 wif my fren. Apparently the new slimx2 he got juz last weekend is damaged n has gone kaput due to some technical errors. I can't reali be bothered to noe wat went wrong so juz asked him to go change. Saves the trouble n hey u get another new one. Wad the heck. Who cares?

Quite depressed actuali.. Hehe.. The bash that we r gonna haf later on in the evening is doing quite badly in terms of ticket sales.. Basicali cuz all the lourvy dovey couples r on their romantic date n no one will want to go cheong on such a romantic night out..

Darn, if i wasn't one of the programmers for the camp i wun even care. I like pubs which r not tt crowded n places tt haf enuf space for me to move ard in.. (Me quite big sized ya noe) grr... The programming wasn;t done by me.. For this bash i'm juz in charge of selling the tix.. But seriously one week to sell the lousy tix.. Who in the right mind will go? Although most of my frens r not v sane but still... My frens do not make up the majarity of the population. I'm reali in no mood to tok abt the bash right now. It juz gets me more n more depressed... I"m tired.. Think i'll take a short nap b4 i do anything else.. Bleah.. My mom has invited my uncles n aunties over for dinner. I haf to help her prepare after i finish surfin the net n doing my stuff.. Which means i wun be able to go sleep!!! Double bleah..

PJC had their open hse a little earlier. Joshua was singing in one of the choir events i guess... I, on the other haf never stepped into PJC compounds at teck whye.. Now they gonna haf this alumini thang.. i duno leh.. I onli like my chinese teacher.. Cuz she's my dad's fren.... Hehe dear chen lao shi.. Although my chinese reali sucks big time but hey i managed to pass... Hahaha...

Hey! There's this chinese version of American Idol in taiwan! Hilarious n the judges r a bit cruel.. I'm someone wif lotsa pride.. If i kana suan by them till lidat i think i'll juz dig a hole crawl in n die. But i think b4 tt they'll throw me out already...

Siangmeng has got family dae today.. Duno wat kind of even tt is but i think tt is an event for pple to tou lan...haha.. so sat is free day.. onli tt u haf to go.. cannot escape.. onli dun need to do duty n stuff....

Quite sad lah. Todae suppose to go out wif S15 gals but no one plan so never go out wif them.. Has been ages since i last saw them. Always v busy... Juz like todae i still had lab make up for chinese new yr.. Sucky.. Den rush home to catch the last ep of the korean drama... Juz watched chicago.. Fantastic musical.. But dun think they deserve so many oscars.. These films always get nominated but in terms of getting the actual thing.. They actuali get v little of wat they get nominated for.. Worse still, the oscars that they win might not be the majors but the minors like for make up n sound effects.. But i haf high hopes for spirited away though.. Like the big furry animal... Hmm lately, i've developed a weakness for furry things... Muz get rid of that.. Kinda disgusting when u thing abt it but sometimes u juz can't help urself...

Alrite.. Me gota go help my mom to add this add that already.. Haha, think i will add a lot of other special ingredients.. Heard tt it is these special ingredients that makes food much tastier... I'll scoot off now.. Will tell more abt the bash tmw.. Hopefulli we'll not make any losses... *cheers*
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Care bear

Love-a-Lot Bear
You love to take care of others and people love being around you because you make them feel appreciated. You are very sweet and soft-spoken. You are also a romantic and consider yourself an excellent matchmaker, so you tend to be a bit nosy. But everyone still considers you the sweetest person they know.

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