Happy 2009!

To you, asking me how to break up. Go to hell.

To you and your stupid greeny mucousy friend. Fark you.

To your big fat pimple. Zap you to death.

To you, you, you and you. May you get dizzy, woozy and delirious from my germie babies gg ard.

I cannot eat chocs because of greeny mucousy friend. KNN.
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Pet peeves~

I suddenly though of 2.

I tink i really loathe gg out with guys who are half stoned. I mean, who doesn't want to go out with a guy who looks presentable right. I've learnt how to close one eye to sloppy-can-see-kar-mor-wear. But hor, to look like u're high on cheap drugs or half sloshed most of the time. Hmmm.. No wonder guys like to date gers with big eyes. Cuz they look fresher tt wae. Mre awake. Instead of those "feng yan" looks small small like half asleep kind.

Guys who talk big dun do. These kind confirm condemn lah. If it's once or twice, i will close one eye. But if u do that all the time. Ok, I will just take it tt u are a mozzie flying past me.. Just know tt i will no longer believe in wadeva shit tt u say lah. Since it doesn't go into this puny brain of mine.

Wahhh.. I think these 2 are really my pet peeves. When I blog abt this, i feel my blood boiling. I can't believe it took me so long to realise. Must be the holy spirit talking to me. "Dig those pet peeves outta you and throw them away"

Errrrrmmmm, I try lah. I try. (Veli hard to do one u know!!!!)
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(no subject)

Went JB with Mich, Ajushi, Chao Ah Beng and Mrs Teng. Din slp enuf the day b4.. Went to meet them late n looked like a panda I think. hahaha~~

Ohh.. Amazing.. We saw the Viper, Monte Carlo (Never seen this b4), APR Evo 9s, S15 Silvia, Fair Lady 350z RX 7,RX 8, Mustang and other cars that I either duno or can't remember.

And tt guy... ohh so handsome~~ And he drifts so well... I wanna go learn driving ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Den we went to haf seafood. We tried another seafood place cause our usual haunt was closed. The standard nt tt gd leh. And we saw the big big stingray being chopped up. So biggggggg~~ @@

Able to rest for a few more days b4 Friday. And duno how long saturday's gonna take. See how lah. Just dun wanan go looking like a panda. Not gd at all. bleah.


baby u will know our love's so sweet

Ghana rawks!

Just because they played damn well tonight. Remember Holland vs Ivory Coast? Fighting against Brazil is both a mental n physical challenge. And I think they are doing a great job right now.

Ghana! U guys rock!!! Gd soccer frm these pple!

*back to match*

ps: So they din win. Expected lah. Already down 2-0 how to win lidat sia. But the last goal hor.. nobody one!! WTH! like the 1st goal lidat.. *sianz* Got shark's fin to eat liao. Hohoho~~~ So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pps: France scored a goal! I'm absolutely amazed! *mind boggling*
Mr Bomba (Victory)

(no subject)

My sis just called to tell me.. Her hotel rm costs 400euros a night. !@#!@$@#%#$% Thats like what I'm paying for 10days of my holiday! Arghhhhhhhh~~~~

I must go get a high paying job. I must go find a high flying job. I must get a job that pays me well and something which I enjoy doing.

ps: I see a tunnel in front of me. Let's see if there's something waiting for me at the end of it. Go n check it out for fun also gd mah. Mwaahaahah~ Whee~~ *hi 5 to michi!*
Monya (With tail)

Ohhhhhhhh Hoooooooo~~~

Italy won!!!!!!!!!! Italy won!!! TOTTI!!!!!!!! PENALTY!!!!!!


Im damn happy lah, cuz how.. Wah piangz. Score during the 95th min can!!! If he never score.. I lose $$ again.. T_T

But wah laoooooo~~ Last min heng heng penalty sia! Wooohoooo~~~~~

I got enuf $$ to buy me a new tub of Ben n Jerry's!!!!!


ps: I tink betting is nt gd for the heart. No gd at all. But v v exciting when u win lah.. Ahahaha~ Watching soccer for all the wrong reasons this time rnd. This is no gd. =Þ

pps: On another note, my neighbouring blk got surround sound one. B4 I realised a penalty was gonna be given, I heard some woooo n ohhhhh sonds. And when I watched the match, they were getting ready to take the penalty, so i switched to live score and I saw.. Italy 1!!!! Ahahaa~ No $$ to pay for WC channel is lidat lor. Haf to depend on my v gd neighbours, v gd internet updates and nt so fast ESPN. But I'm nt complaining. Can watch can le! yay!
Monya (With tail)


Obviously u know wad I'm yay-ing abt lah.. And if u duno.. den nvm loh~ heehee~~

It was a v interesting last quarter u know!! Esp when u see 3 men sitting there like 3 little kids who are serving detention. They look so cute looking on at the game. ^-^ They were even talking to each other and discussing stuff I suppose. ^-^ Nxt time I shall say "Go Barcelona!" But now is nt the time.

Yayeeee~~~~~~ *goes to slp while other pple are getting ready to study*
Mr Bomba (Victory)

Portugal Vs Holland

Did the last min thing again.. Someone was gg to buy Port win.. Den i chap ji kah(join in) just for fun.

So far (ht) so gd. Im just enjoying my ice cream. With ice cream.. no scare will slp during ht.

England won just now!! Woohoo!!! Cuz Beckham scored!! (Hiackz hiackz.. I tink he's damn heng lah.. but I like desu.. hohoho~) *muackz muackz*

Im almost done with my ice cream liao T_T Sianz..

WC is screwing up my bio clock wor~ All the 3am matches.. Making me slp at 5+ 6 den waking up in the early afternoon.. or sometimes in the late morning when some idiot decides to call me to ask me something. Want to ask me thing can wait till after 3pm or nt. Or when I go online liao. >.< Esp some bo liao thing. Eh! sms also can wake me up one ah.. The vibration of the fone is so powerful. Want to off the fone also cannot.

Sch's starting later. All my kids are gg to sch and most of them are rushing to finish their hmwk. Hahaha~ Went to teach early in the morning, in the heavy rain, even though I wanted to cancel cuz slpt late + such gd weather to zzz.. Too bad lah. For my holidays!!! I piah a bit now nvm de!!! Somemore this job already pays much better than most jobs. Esp with my qualifications. I tink Im nt v smart.. But as long as can make the kid like the subj can already bah. I hope.. hehe~

Starting to yawn liao. The match is starting too~ Go Port go!!! (The holland coach no longer looking spiffy in his polo tee~ He should stick to tight shirts~ *tiny gaydar popping out* heeheehee~~)

Ps: As the match was getting boring.. Some guy got 2 yellows and tt makes a red! Mwaahahha~~ 10 men agaisnt 10 men now. Woot!

And I realised tt the Holland coach IS wearing a white tight tee.. But he doesn't seem v happy. So I tink ttz y he doesn't look v gd today. Ahahaha~ So I guess ur mood really does affect how u look. kekeke~ Go Portugal!!