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What the fucking fuck?!

I worked 2.5 days last week and that equals 128 pounds. Plus the 11 pounds they owe me. Yay a whole 139 pounds for me and my broke ass. So, just now I went to get my pay and what do I find? Not a God damned thing! It wasn't there! Now I have to go and see my ex-Boss tomorrow and get my dough. Basterd.

Anyway... I used my 55 pound Blockbuster Giftcard and got Shaun of the Dead, Margaret Cho's Revolution and The Ten Commandments. I am happy with my buy. I wanted to get a few other things, but I was already 5 pounds over the limit. But yeah.

My father called me before and I never remember to save the message. They are the funniest things ever that need to be shared with everyone. " 'Allo! This is Victor, I am your faaaather!" I don't need reminding, Darth. Thank you very much

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