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Okay, so I am back from vacation. Hooray--I mean boo. I would have liked to stay for the rest of the summer, but of course that couldn't be. I need myself a sugar daddy. Anyway, HBP!!! Finally the 6th book is in my hands.. the pages betwixt my fingers. Glorious. The last night of vacation and where was I? In a fucking book store getting my Harry Potter like every person should. I know who dies and I am only on chapter 2. How sad. It's even sadder that I fineshed the book... the last book I wasn't done by Augest, but I had to drive home and do a bunch of crap. When I came home though.. I found my computer not working. What. The. FUCK!? All week with no internet and now this? I am on my Aunt's computer right now and it won't let me check my mail. Again.. WTF!? Dell better get with the program and get some stores for people that need their computer fixed.. I need to go to Computerworld and do this shit.

So for now.. I don't know when I'll be online or anything and that is a sad thing to think about. Luckily, I'll have my HBP to take the pain away.

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