i really do mind

I keep thinking things have to get better or at least turn in my favor.
But I have been let down so far.

Feeling like this makes me feel very un-original.
I do not like that feeling, at all!


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life kinda sucks right now.
my dream job didn't work out.
my carni has left me for school.

plus there is a Hurrican-a-coming!

the circus has left miami...

it was a good day

today i got to bottle feed the baby..
by baby i mean an orphaned manatee calf that
I actually got to help rescue last month!

yup it turned out good..and there might a position opening in training depot
I might not have be an intern for much longer!!!

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1st day on the job and of course this happens to me.
I have to prep the diet for the dolphins and help with enrichment.
I get to prep the diets with the only male intern, who by definition is hot.

him: wow the fish really smells
me: yeah, we're going to smell 'fishy' all day.
(I feel like a total moron for actually saying that)
him: haha. that was actually funny.
(I don't feel like such a moron anymore)
2seconds later I slip on fish gut-juice
(I am a moron.)

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so i have no current payroll job
but i am determined to buy all the supplies
needed for the newest addition to my family.
hopefully i can bring home by friday.
his name will be Reptar!!!!!

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so the last 2 days have been horrible..
i lost my car keys and had to pay about 80-something bucks for new set.ugh and my latest find was facebook.. i finally got one.. and i have been adding people like they are going out of style.

i also have a few people who are mad at me, but what can i do.
i have been a complete mess this whole last month.

ah today is pay-day
job 1:$79.50
job 2:$250.79
$330.29 closer to my Australian scuba trip!!!!

i swear....

so i have been cancer free now for what will be almost a year. and NOW i have to start a whole new line of medication. Everyday, for the next month as a trial. they want to see if it will do well with my body. But wait the best part is that one of the sideaffects is that you will gain weight!!!! just when i finally got down to my best shape.(mainly beacuse i stopped taking my pervious meds.)arrggg! i really hate this.

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well it seems my puppy love days have come to end.
what did i gain from it?
a couple of fun filled months and 5 extra pounds. haha.
what's next?
actually take more then two classes this semester. the gym(lose the weight)and find a job.
start on my Euro trip scrap book!