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I am looking for inspirational, preferably short, quotes about thinking, working, math, science, and second language learning for use in my classroom. I've found some good ones but want more! Any ideas?


Going friends-only

So, because of a few different considerations, I have decided to make this journal friends-only.

There will still be the odd public posting, but they will likely be few and far between.

Please comment to be added.

A friends-only banner will be forthcoming (i.e., when I get around to it).


Fellow Star Trek nerds may remember Klingons in the Whitehouse! from a few days ago. And, of course, Jon Stewart dedicated a spot to it on last night's episode. Watched it on reruns this afternoon, and it had me laughing like crazy. There were brilliant guest appearances, too. :)

You can watch the bit here.

Where can she be-eeee?

Working this late at night is easier with fun, upbeat music -- especially if that music is primarily kids' TV theme songs from the 80s and 90s.

The work may not get done as quickly if I'm dancing in my chair, but at least I'm not bored and frustrated with all the stuff I need to do right now.


Klingons in the Whitehouse!

As posted in startrek

I have no idea who this guy is, but I like him. :)


Shrek 3

I was worried that after producing such an original and fun sequel that actually built on the first movie while not being repetitious, the third Shrek movie might end up being a bit of a bust. But this trailer makes it look quite fun, and (judging from these 2 minutes of advertising), I think it'll develop the characters and build on what's already been done. It looks fun!

I am so smart! S-M-R-T

All my grades from this past term are posted and I got an A+ in all of them!!  :D

This was by far my best academic term ever.   (But it also goes to show that Education courses are damned easy.  I now consider a 6-page paper "long".)


Set my alarms to go off early this morning so I could go to the gym, and I ended up sleeping in!  And I've apparently now missed all the buses that would get me to the gym early enough before my class so that I could actually get in a decent workout.  Going after classes isn't possible today since I start volunteering at the Aboriginal Centre and I need to get home as soon as possible after class so I can drive down to Higgins (and hope that nothing happens to Dad's car in that neighbourhood). 

So now I'm dressed, sort of awake, and have almost forty-five minutes before I need to catch the bus that will take me to class.  Guess this means I can eat a relaxed breakfast and read the paper, which I never get to do.  And, if I'm feeling energetic, maybe I'll try to go for a walk before heading to the bus stop.  Maybe.


What have I forgotten?

I am a list person, so it drives me a bit insane when I know I have things to do but I can't remember them long enough to write them down.  I have that feeling now that I've forgotten to do something important for tomorrow, or something important in general, but I can't figure out what it is.  It's probably something that I have written down and I'm just being paranoid.  Hopefully. 

In other (more exciting?) news, I must say that FireFox's adblocker add-on is brilliant.  My account now looks like a regular account, but I still have fifteen icons.  :)  Shh!  Don't let LiveJournal know!  ;)

Jan. 5th, 2007

Did anyone else have the unfortunate experience of seeing Fromage 2006?  I'm really glad we taped it so we could fast forward through the celebrity trash talk to get to the three minutes of lampooning music videos. 

What has happened to you, Ed the Sock?  You used to be so funny, sarcastic, and cool.  Now you're just a sexist asshole with a well-endowed sidekick who was likely hired not for her acting skills, but for being well endowed.  And this is what you used to be against.  For shame.


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