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Gilderoy Lockhart
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House: Hufflepuff, fifth year

Wand: Rosewood and unicorn hair, 10".

Gilderoy's classmates claim that he is vain, arrogant and self-centred. They also say that he is tactless, and couldn't care less about other people. Gilderoy denies this, and feels that he is practically perfect in every way. He says that he cares deeply about others, and that he cannot help it if women find him attractive. He asks if it is any wonder that people fancy him; as his mother often says, with his perfect looks, sunny disposition, and his optimistic outlook on life, why wouldn't they? Gilderoy agrees. He is convinced that the majority of Hogwarts' female population fancy him. Gilderoy, however, is waiting for Miss. Right to race up to him and ask for his autograph.

Forget-me-not blue eyes (which, incidentally, match the new robes he purchased just last weekend), perfect teeth and golden wavy hair. (This is, of course, entirely natural; any rumours you might hear involving curlers, are, needless to say, ridiculous fabrications.) He owns a large collection of robes, but Hogwarts rules prevent him from wearing them for lessons.

Family: Gilderoy is the only son of a pure-blooded family, who claim that their family line can be traced back to Merlin. His father works for the Ministry of Magic, and hopes to be the Minister one day. His mother works as a model; she adores her son, and feels that, with his good looks, he could follow in her footsteps. Gilderoy feels certain that he would not enjoy having siblings, as they would divert attention away from him. Besides, why would his parents want to have another child? It could only be a disappointment after Gilderoy. He is very close to his grandmother, a retired healer for St Mungo's, although she has an annoying habit of calling him 'Gilly'. He despises his aunt, however, who once dared to suggest that his eyes were too close together. She has since been alienated by the rest of the family.

Interests: Gilderoy has a wide range of interests, which include hair styling, tooth care, shopping for new robes and acquiring Valentine's Day cards. He also enjoys signing photographs by wand-light under his sheets at night (the other boys laugh at him for that, for some reason). He sends these to the poor, to 'brighten up their squalid lives, poor things'. His favourite colour is lilac. He collects fancy quills, his personal favourite being a peacock feather.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Gilderoy has great confidence in his own abilities, and is sure that he has very few, if any, weaknesses. He assures you, however, that he has a good many strengths. He claims to be a 'dab hand at Duelling', and has been attending dancing lessons for many years. He has great faith in his own good looks and charm, which have secured him many Valentine's Cards and love letters over the years. He loves Quidditch, and practices regularly. He dreams of playing for the House team, but they have never allowed him to join.

School-related: Gilderoy has great faith in his ability in Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions. He is currently researching Hair Care Potions and attempting to impress Professor Slughorn enough to be allowed to join the Slug Club, but has so far been unsuccessful. He adores Transfiguration, and feels that Professor McGonagall only gives him poor grades to hide her true feelings for him. He detests Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures, since he runs the risk of getting dirt under his finger nails. His true talent is charm work, in particular, Memory Charms; unfortunately, he feels that Charms is sissy stuff and prefers subjects that make him sound tougher.

He is willing to work hard if it benefits him, so it seems likely that he will remain at school to study NEWTs.

Ambitions for the Future: To continue to do his bit to help those less fortunate than himself. He dreams of harmony between magical and non-magical peoples, and would dearly love to rid the world of evil.

To win Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award.

To be rich and famous. Clearly, he only wishes to use his riches to benefit others. Obviously.

To share his own experiences with the rest of the world, who are unfortunate enough not to know him personally, by publishing his autobiography.

To market his own range of grooming products.

To have a Fwooper of his own.

Gilderoy is terrified of embarrassing himself in public, although this doesn't stop him from drawing attention to himself whenever possible. He is also terrified of losing his looks, which has extended into a fear of aging. For this reason, he fears pimples and spots, so is sure to keep a supply of Bubotuber pus on hand at all times. If asked, however, Gilderoy assures people that he is totally fearless.


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