_jessybear_ (_jessybear_) wrote,

oh. my. god. ohmygod.
i hate exam period
its so stressful
espeically when you lose your books.
aka. the freak of the class takes them.
oh my god. i have an exam on friday.
i need my books.
kay so i'm putting off studying.
cuz i spent from 3:45- 5:30 studying math.
with kat + julia.
and help from ms. remtulla.
even tho she hates me.
she's a better teacher than ms kunkel.
kay i admit. even tho i dun like her as a person,
she's a really good math teacher.
i'm going to go to her from now on.
ms kunkel will get mad at me and call my rents.
they'll be like u learn to teach and she'll come to you.
i have an F in physics i think
it sucks. really. major ass.
my mom thinks i shud redo gr 10 if i fail physics.
I disagree.
wtf is summer school for then.
its not like i'm not dropping physics.
kay i think i need to study.
it'd be nice if i could study for fridays exam.
oh but SOMEONE has my books.
I'm fucked.
i'm gonna have to get brickhead's books.
kay my mom is home from the grocery store.
time to study.
kay bye.


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