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^<&*My Sillly Life*&>^

+_-A New Beginning-_+

Jessica Renee Pennington
3 April
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What about me?

I am all I can be! And yet...that doesnt seem to be enough. I try. I do. I will. But It seems to be the same throught out all of my achievements. Sometimes. It is hard to be on this earth, but the risk of cutting it off is too much to handle. You have got to deal with what you got. GOD wants you here in this hellbound place...so make it through the best you can. Love what you do...be all you can be. Make no thought about it...worship GOD...love your enemies...Fall behind your friends...take no BULL from anyone. Live like it was your last day..help out...find love...and forgive. PRAY.

I dedicate my whole life to my friends. With out you all I would be nothing. I love you all.

I love Douglas Ryan Branham more than anything else in the whole entire world. I would do anything for him. He is my life, energy, and soul:
Thus I am going to love him forever.

I am the captian and cheerleader for the PHS J.V. Squad

I am 5'5", brownish-dirty-blondish hair, green eyes, mid-tan

Former Beta Club Chairperson: PRESIDENT