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Jessen of Starwide

Name: Jessen
Nicknames: JessJess, Jess, Jess-pus, Jess-pud, Jess-er-doodle *is killed*, Little Prince, Little Moon, Jessie (on very rare occassions), Kojan or Somala
Birthdate: November 7th (arrived in '05)
Age: No one really knows D:
Type: Cerberus Project Delf El
Faceup: by Luts
Hair: Black, short. Usually with a bit of a crimp in the back. ;3
Eyes: Green 'n blue. (Green is a Dark Green 18mm from Luts, the blue a Glass Dark Violet - i think - from Luts that arrived with him. his default eyes, i guess you could say.)
Flower: Hibiscus (Delicate Beauty); White Heather (Protection; Wishes will come true...)

Nationality/Species: Starwide x Dreamikin cross. What does that mean? You'll hopefully find out soon. Maybe.
Likes: The sunshine; mist and fog; snow; cloud-watching, especially if it is with Kai; flowers; his new crew; everything and anything about Kai; his friends; the wind. The Little Mermaid and other such movies. The Sea.
Dislikes: Rain. Fighting, death; Small places and being left behind; hateful people; falling...
Personality: Silly, kind and gentle, with a nutty, strong side as well, Jessen just loves having fun and making others happy. He is very protective of those within his 'crew' and has taken it to himself to be the best wannabe Guardian Angel to watch over Kai there ever was. He has strange fears (he's afraid of rain, for one) and a few minor issues (abandonment issues, a bit of paranoia...), but he's a pretty happy, rounded fellow. One of his favorite passtimes is watching the clouds with Kai and reading to Imikin. He's an innocent soul and can be rather naive at times. It's very hard to anger him, but when he is truly angry, you'll know. You'll also probably have a broken nose.

Relationships: // Kai - Loved One // Imikin - Big-brother/Little-sister Relationship // Beizi - A Wrestle-buddy // Ilu (Xi_feng's) - Bestfriend //

Background: Truth will come out some day... just know that there are hints to it within most of the photostories <3 And yes, his royal background is true ;3 kinda.

Kai, the Sun God

Name: Kai
Nicknames: Sunshine, Little Sunshine, Little One, Honey-dear, Sun-Master (by Little Ninja)
Birthdate: Febuary 16th (arrived in '06 in pieces.)
Age: Too old for you, and too young for your old. Older than Imikin (sort of...), younger than Meikyou.
Type: Volks Pureskin SD13 Syo (Pureskin body bought seperatly <3)
Faceup: by Asato (twilight_eden ^^~)
Hair: SOOM Rian Default Wig
Eyes: Blue with a dark ring around the outside, light on the inside. ( Metallic Eyes / SD-META-011 / Deep Blue ) a gift from Sou-chan <3
Flower: Jasmine (Amiability); Lavender Heather (Admiration; Solitude)

Nationality/Species: A Little Sun God, you could say. But he hasn't been home in a long, long while...
Likes: The sunshine and early mornings; Blue skies; Imikin, Meikyou and Tashriel being home; Sleeping in with Jessen; Blue skies and a warm breeze; Watching movies....
Dislikes: The cold; Fire, snow; Being away from Jessen for long periods of time; Needles, spiders; lightning. People messing with his little sister.
Personality: A quiet, peaceful soul, Kai is very gentle and can get embarrassed very easily. He isn't quite as innocent as he appears, but things like public nudity and such make him blush and get uncomfortable. The stars on his back are a symbols of adventures in the past and the two on his neck represent the number of Guardian Angels he's had. (one of those was Meikyou, the other...? Jessen?) He is a smidge schizophrenic; his other side is a light eyed, bold version of himself refered to as "Blue Kai" often times (due to his light, light blue eyes~). He can be silly sometimes, and actually adores going on adventures and exploring with the right company... especially if it is Jessen. He has a bit of a little-sister complex, and is very protective of little Imikin. ^^

Relationships: // Jessen - Beloved // Imikin - Big-brother and very protective // Meikyou - Mei is almost like a big brother to Kai <3 // Tashriel - Tea-buddies //

Background: Split up into two mentally (and in resin form, physically) due to an accident upon arrival, Kai has wandered around on Earth for a long, long while. He originally came here for an adventure and to get away from home-politics. He caught met Jessen through an accident as well. *grins*

Miss Imikin, of the Night

Name: Imikin
Nicknames: 'Mikin, Little Bird, Little Mistress (by Little Ninja), Pushka, Little Princess, Little Wildflower, Miss Imikin
Birthdate: June 21st, the first day of Summer. (Arrived '06)
Age: Older than she looks, younger than she is.
Type: Volks MSD Mika
Faceup: By myself ^^;
Hair: Shaggy Golden from Volks =3
Eyes: Luts Acrylic "Red Green" 16mm (the hell? red green? XD)
Flower: Lupin and all wildflowers.

Nationality/Species: The little Goddess of Night.
Likes: The night and the moon 'n stars; her brother (Kai) and Jessen; her friends; Ilu and Aulen; Birds and Butterflies; Being read to; Meikyou and his big hands and gentle-ness; playing...
Dislikes: Being away from Meikyou; Being Lost and/or ignored; Being forgotten; Being cold...

Personality: Cheerful and rather carefree, Imikin likes to think that she's a regular little girl. She is observant and notices little things that many others often disregard, a trait she learned from Meikyou. She loves watching for butterflies and playing in the sunshine, especially if Meikyou is nearby. She has a deep rooted maturity that is hidden behind her happy personality most of the time, and she dreams to be a lady like Remenine.

Relationships: // Meikyou - Guardian Angel/Guarded, very very close // Kai - Little sister to~ // Jessen - feels like the little sister of~ // Beizi - Culprit buddy. Pet? // Remenine - little sister/big sister relationship. She looks up to Rem // Ness - Pet, much to his disgust. //

Background: After her older brother, Kai, disappeared from home, she and Meikyou went out on a long adventure together, looking for him. She and Meikyou were seperated, though, after they got a lead to where Kai was, and spent many years apart from one another. While wandering around, Imikin learned many a life lesson. She somehow survived long enough to find her brother sitting happily and content in a warm, cozy home. Then all she had to do was wait. (And then, sure enough, her gentle giant arrived, searching for her.)

Beizi, the Time Traveling Thief

Name: Beizi
Nicknames: Fish, Little Fish, Fish-face, Fish-breath (both by Jessen *laughs*), "You!" (by a certain Guard), and a slew of other names he's taken through his lifetimes (though he would often go with the name Beizi.)
Age: Very, very old, but acts early-twenties.
Birthdate: August 19th (arrived in '06)
Type: Cerberus Project Delf Na-Nu-Ri'06
Faceup: by Asato (twilight_eden ^^~)
Hair: Black and Blue JPop Wig :D
Eyes: Light blue glass eyes from Brightfires =D
Flower: Jonquil (Love Me; Desire for Returned Affections)

Nationality/Species: I know i once had him written down as a tengu, but we're not very sure anymore. He's a time-traveler, but that's just complicated and not a species or nationality.
Likes: Stealing and the Chase; Having a purpose in life; Expensive, sparkling things; Traveling; Being a Thief; Fish; Singing and dancing, especially in a crowd.
Dislikes: Being trapped; Being hounded, betrayed, jipped; Being cornered; having to stay in one place for long periods of time; certain pieces of art.

Personality: A trickster, Beizi is a good ol' thief. He's a nice guy, really, under all of it, but he has been long since trained to steal, so watch your precious cargo. He wasn't so much trained, really, as created to steal for his master, Rosokov Garim. He has a good helping of paranoia due to being chased for lifetimes, but he is very good at his job. Beizi also has a healthy fear of Meikyou, who once tackled him to the ground. *laughs*

Relationships: // Jessen - Wrestling buddy // Tashriel - Chased by, a kind of friend... sorta, in a way // Rosokov Garim - Master-slave relationship // Ness - Close master-servant relationship from a past life //

Background: Beizi has been on the run for a very, very long time after a certain Guard, Tashriel, from Imikin and Kai's homeland, caught him for a spell. He is disgruntled with having to give up most of his jewels to his creator, and he will always tell you that his best lifetime was when he was born as a goldfish. And also possibly when he was born and became a servant to a crotchety old dragon lord who had a giant hoard of jewels and precious metals. The only one who really knows where he's from is himself, and no one really knows where he's going. All they know is that he's filthy rich somewhere and that he has stashes of stolen goods hidden everywhere.
He passes through lifetimes like a common cold, always staying through the entire lifetime until it comes to the end, and then moving on to another adventure. He has been reborn (with all of his memories) some fourty-eight life-times, and has been chased for eighteen. Because of this he has become rather paranoid and is very easy to sneak up on and startle. He has been reborn into many, many different types of life from humans to worms to elephants to all manners of plants to goldfish to figures in art pieces. (he loaths being reborn into those that can't move fast as they can't run easily from his persuer.) He has a star branded into the skin behind his left ear from the guard (left there in the second of the eighteen years he's been chased). The guard, Tashriel (or just Tash), has grown a tad obsessive of catching Beizi, and has also grown protective and attached to the thief in his own way.

Meikyou, the Guardian Angel

Name: Meikyou
Nicknames: MeiMei, the Guardian, Mei, Bright Eyes, Ol' Crazy Eyes (only by a friend back at home... only one who could get away with it.)
Age: Older than Kai, younger than Beizi. Very old.
Type: NS Dollshe Hound (ordered from Luts)
Faceup: Custom by Luts ^__^
Hair: WW-01 from Luts (blonde fur wig <3)
Eyes: Right - Soom Big Blue; Left - Soom Ripple
Birthdate: October 2nd (arrived '06)
Flower: Jonquil (Love Me; Desire; Sympathy); Juniper (Protection)

Nationality/Species: Guardian Angel
Likes: Imikin and her brother, Kai; Festivals; Singing and Dancing with a group of friends or crowd; Night-time, large beds and large windows with large window-sills; milk; Adventuring, especially if Imikin is with him; Being stealthy and finding little hidden passages and ways around large crowds.
Dislikes: Being noticed, comments about his height; Death; Being away from Imikin for long periods of time; Extreme summer heat; Being crowded; His age and size sometimes, too. He has quite a few little demons in his mind, but does not let them to be known that often.
Personality: A big, gentle lump o' love. He's actually much more adventurous than he looks. He is very protective, and is a quiet, peaceful kind of guy. He does enjoy large parties, festivals, and being around people that he knows. He is not comfortable a lot of the time with meeting new people, and tends to be rather hidden and almost shy. He would do pretty much anything that Imikin wishes, and would easily kill to protect her. They have a bond that is a goodly ways stronger than most between Guardian and Protected.

Relationships: // Imikin - Guardian Angel and Protector of // Kai - Has known Kai since he was born and taught him in ways around their home // Jessen - Almost like a teacher-student relationship // Beizi - Pest, but good fun to tackle // Tashriel - Old time buddy //

Background: Before Meikyou met Imikin, back when she was just a toddler, he was in a bad time of his life. It hit him hard how quickly humans passed away, no matter how well one watched over them. His had the bad luck of passing away long before they were supposed to, due to war, illnesses, and depression. He made one of his first friends on a holiday between jobs, and that friend ended up being Imikin and Kai's mother, Eden. Meikyou once watched over Kai, but when Imikin was born, he was switched over to watch over the little goddess. He was very rough around the edges and didn't want to watch over some little girl, but was won over shortly after meeting her. They've been together ever since.

Tashriel, the Angelic Guard

Name: Tashriel
Nicknames: Tash, Bird-brain (by Beizi), Guard, Tashy
Birthdate: December 25th (arrived '06)
Type: Cerberus Project Delf Juri'06
Faceup: Myself
Hair: Blonde from Luts
Eyes: Luts Acrylic 18mm Blue Black
Flower: Begonia (Beware); Buttercup (Cheerfulness); Thyme (Strength and Courage)

Nationality/Species: Angelic Guard of the First Level of Heaven.
Likes: Beizi and the Chase; Winter, winter sunlight, the cold; Sleeping in the Sun; Reading; Drinking tea...
Dislikes: Extreme heat; The wet; mud; fire...
Personality: Tashriel is a bit obsessive sometimes, but he has a good heart. He's silly, a little snippy sometimes; goofy. He's a friendly fellow, but wants things to go his way at all times. He does not enjoy rough and tumble and so would rather sit on the side lines with Kai drinking tea than wrestling with 'the boys' *laughs*

Relationships: // Beizi - Almost like a long-time rival, a bit of a long time friend and crush // Kai - Have known each other since they were little // Meikyou - Grew up around Meikyou // Meriarijim - Helped train Meri // Saawariya - Drinking Buddy, friend //

Background: Tashriel was taken off his post as the Chief Guard of the First Level of Heaven to chase and capture three 'creatures' who were escaping death. So with a band of few, they went and caught two of them, tried them, and took them back to Heaven where they passed on and were not reborn again. The last one was Beizi... Yeah, wasn't able to catch that one as easily. Tashriel always believed that he was only doing his job and all that. Or so he told himself in the beginning when he started chasing Beizi. It became a little bit more than just a chase to him, and to Beizi as well, and he refused to let anyone else take the job from him. (So much as to fumble up other attempts to capture Beizi and such) He is protective of 'his thief' and would rather have that banter than not.
Tashriel does have a son, Sabrael, but he does not have a spouse nor does anyone know who the mother possibly could be. (Tashriel says that Sabrael came from the stars, like the original Silica did, but no one knows if it is true or not except for Tash.)

Ness, the Dragon Lord of the North

Name: Nessejent Lochan
Nicknames: Ness, Nessy, Nesquik, Nestle`, etc. etc. xD
Birthdate: February 1st (arrived '07)
Type: Cerberus Project Delf Juri06 (Boy)
Faceup: Myself. Scales by me as well.
Hair: Black and Green JPop wig.
Eyes: Dollmore. Usually Black and White. Sometimes Green and White. (He is blind in his left eye due to a fight with one of his brothers.)
Flower: Monkshood (Beware, a deadly foe is near; chivalry); Zinnia(magenta) (Lasting affection)

Nationality/Species: Major Dragon Lord of Feldspark
Likes: Sunbathing, Rem, his hoard, gold and precious jewels, swimming, seashells and the ocean.
Dislikes: The cold, snow, meddling towns-people, screaming sacrifices, his three younger brothers.
Personality: Ness is a grumpy old dragon lord. Filthy rich, he left his old home and came to Earth with one remaining sacrifice (Rem) and set up his home in a mountain far from anyone but that has a large lake. He has to put up with camping tourists who visit on the other side of the lake, and if he is feeling frisky, will take his more scaly form and start rumors of lake dragons. He is not shy of using his fists, claws and teeth to get what he wants, but he does have a soft side to him as well... just hard to find. He is very protective of what he believes is his, and does not get along with anyone who thinks to take it away from him.
He was Beizi's master a few lifetimes past while on Feldspark.

Relationships: // Rem - Lady love // Beizi - Master (in a servant/master relationship) // Jessen - Grudgingly puts up with //

Background: Ness used to be the oldest of four brothers, the new leaders of Feldspark. Their parents had left the small world to the four ravaging dragons, and taken their retirement happily far from any of the siblings. Ness, being the oldest and largest, took his home in a large mountain overlooking a valley and a shallow lake. Once a year, the villagers in the valley would bring him a gaggle of sacrifices to keep him from stomping through their village and fields.
He would eat them, of course, just to keep up apparences, but really did not like the screaming girls. He used to eat anything that annoyed him, and that included servants and guardsmen who bothered him.
Then one day he was given another servant from his mother with the strick order of not eatting him for at least a year. This servant was an outcast from the village, but strong and tricky, and Ness soon became friends with his servant, Beizi. (Beizi was probably Ness' first actual friend)
Years later, Beizi brought home a black haired woman from a world far away, and snuck her into the village sacrifices, and so, through a few trials, Ness met a slave named Remenine...

Rem, the Lady

Name: Remenine
Nicknames: Rem
Birthdate: February 17th (arrived '07)
Type: SD13 Volks Sweet Dream Syo (Girl)
Faceup: by h_u_s_h_e_d ^^~
Hair: Black Luts (I don't remember what cut, though...)
Eyes: Volks Metalic Grey Green
Flower: Magnolia (Sweetness; beauty; love of nature)

Nationality/Species: Dreamikin
Likes: Reading; Sunbathing with Ness, and just being with Ness himself; Beizi and his tricks and the angel chasing after him; Jessen and Kai, and little Imikin and the large Meikyou; watching the clouds; gardens and dancing and summer nights.
Dislikes: Siinu or any of Ness' other brothers; Falling; Mist and rain; Fire.
Personality: Rem is a very sweet, very gentle woman. It is very hard to ruffle her (much like her nephew, Jessen), though she is of strong heart and mind. When she was first sent to Ness' castle, she believed that she was to die, and later, she believed that it was her one purpose in life to clean the massive estate by herself. She is a hardworking woman, though quiet.

Relationships: // Ness - Dearly beloved mate // Beizi - Friend // Jessen - Aunt to // Remedine - Twin sister //

Background: Rem was sold from her home in Starwide to some men who worked for Beizi and Ness to be a servant. (She wasn't told that, though, and so thought she was being sold as a sacrifice. Ness never changed her views on that.) When she arrived, she found herself at the mercy of a tall, thin man with smooth hair and a piercing stare. And she fell in love with him, and his grumbles, rages, and gentle touches. She left Feldspark with him to explore the planet Earth, and to settle down in the mountain castle that Ness had found. She was amazed and very pleased when she found out that she had a family relative on the planet, and loves Jessen, her twin sister's son, dearly.

Meriarijim, the Night Angel

Name: Meriarijim
Nicknames: Meri
Birthdate: March 1st (though he arrived sometime last summer, '07...)
Age: Younger than Kai. He's much younger than he looks, really...
Type: CP Delf NaNuRi'07
Faceup: by nezumitoo~!
Hair: Long, super soft black thing from Leeke. (with some silver mods by myself...)
Eyes: Light blue acrylics from luts.
Flower: Primrose (I can't live without you; early youth); Thyme (Strength and courage)

Nationality/Species: Angel of the Night
Likes: Imikin and Meikyou and Tashriel; the edge of night (both early early morning and twilight); the sea, though he has never seen it; summer and winter; snow; his job. Alcohol, and secretly getting so drunk that he needs his partner's help getting to bed.
Personality: He's kind of silly in his way, probably due to having to grow up too quickly to go to work for Imikin. He is really closer to her age than anyone else's, though he looks much older. When he gets worried or distressed, he likes to drink. Usually, he will drink liquor, but... well, he loves to drink sunshine with a dash of milk. It keeps his hopes up when he is horribly down, and it reminds him of his home and his job.

Relationships: // Imikin - He works for her, and is very devoted to her // Meikyou - Looks up to him, and is a good friend of. // Kai - Looks up to very much, and used to be a playmate when they were little. // Tashriel - Trained together, though their age-difference made for a hard time for Meri. Tash took care of him through training, and they became close friends as well. (Meri is smitten with Tash, though Tash is rather tied with someone else...) // Saawariya - Work-partner and sort of friend. //

Background: When Meriarijim was just a little angel, he was chosen to be one of Imikin's guards. He was horribly honored by the choice, and grew up as quickly as he could to better serve the little Goddess. Because of that, he is a little immature and strange, but he takes his job very seriously. He's a stickler for rules and formalities, even though his friends tell him to stop.
When war broke out at home, he sent Imikin far away, to keep her safe. He told her to find her brother, Kai, who was chilling on Earth and that he would meet her there. Meikyou went with her, and left Meri behind. It took a while, but he was finally able to get down to Earth as well, and then started his long search for his little Goddess...

Saawariya, the Beloved One

Name: Saawariya (Human name, meaning "Beloved") / Sarquamish (Angel name)
Nicknames: Sasquatch
Age: Ageless, now.
Birthdate: June 30th (arrived '08)
Type: Cerberus Project Delf Juri A '07
Faceup: by miffimifster ^^~
Hair: knee-length black with braids~
Eyes: Light blue hazel
Flower: Pink Rose (Perfect Happiness; Please Believe Me)

Nationality/Species: Human-turned-Angel of the Night
Likes: Meriarijim. Silver, both the color and the metal. Bangles and silver jewelry. Late winter nights in the rain. Working for Imikin and being paired up with Meri. The feel of another's touch, especially if it's Meri touching him, even if it is just on the hand or shoulder. Romantic Ballads, Love songs, and the likes.
Dislikes: Distressing thoughts; very bright lights; the far, far future as a human; fire.

Personality: A very cheerful, very affectionate fellow who is absoultely smitten with a certain Meriarijim, who does not notice him other than as a working partner. He lets things just roll of his shoulders rather than worry about them, and is a very stubborn, very patient fellow. Very devoted to Imikin and to Meri, though in very different ways.

Relationships: // Imikin - He is yet another one of her angels and would do anything for her. // Meriarijim - Work-partner. He adores Meri to bits. // Tashriel - Actually a very good friend of, despite Meri being absolutely smitten with Tash. //

Background: Saawariya was once a man from the far, far future of wealth and knowledge. He got bored, or distressed, or unhappy (he never said which one it was) with the time he lived in, and so found a way to go back in time. He ended up somewhere around World War I, where he ran into the wrong crowd. Since he had just arrived, he was still shaky and confused as to what time it was and where he was, and was only saved from a burning by Meriarijim, who was in the area looking for Imikin at the time. Saawariya fell in love at first sight and followed Meri back to Imikin and Meikyou's home at the time. Imikin liked what she saw in him, and decided to turn him into one of her angels. She then paired him up with Meri, and the two have worked together ever since, though Saawariya has yet to get any closer to Meri's heart... but he keeps trying with little things like annonymous wild flowers, and he takes care of the scatter-brained Meri by putting him to bed when he's fallen asleep in a chair or when he has fallen sick. It is Saawariya's only way of proving his love, and he'll keep at it as long as it takes. Like said, he is a very, very stubborn fellow.
He is very adept at healing and wandering through dreams.

Ladi, the Hatchling

Name: Ladi
Nicknames: Little One, Ladikins, Small One
Age: A little fellow, he.
Birthdate: Feb. 20th (arrived in '09)
Type: YoSD Volks Syo
Faceup: Default by Volks
Hair: Black 'n Green JPop wig (like his father)
Eyes: Light green Zouks
Flower: ?

Nationality/Species: Dragon-Dreamikin Cross
Likes: His parents, old trees, the voices he can hear sometimes, Imikin and Meikyou, Jessen and Kai, playing.
Dislikes: Being put to bed when interesting things are happening. Destruction.

Personality: Ladi is a quiet, rather shy little boy who does not speak much but listens very well. He loves to adventure and likes to try to follow Imikin whenever she wanders. He has his mother's gentleness but his father's stubborness.

Relationships: // Ness - His father~ // Rem - His mother // Jessen & Kai - Jessen is his cousin, actually, and Kai is a friend // Imikin - Looks up to her // Meikyou - is in awe of him //


(Real) Name: Kate
Nicknames: Mako, Moons, Bright Eyes (by my Mom), The Daughter (by my Father)... whatever you wish to call me XD
Location: mako
Age: 23
Type: Swedish+Irish/Scottish type
Faceup: What was given to me :3
Hair: Brown brown golden brown~
Eyes: Normally green. Sometimes grey, blue, green-ish hazel. they change :P
Birthdate: October 8th, 1985
Likes: Daydreaming, fish, the sky, friends, her crew, plants, keeping things alive, dreaming, etc. etc.
Dislikes: Small places, math, being homesick, being left behind, falling
Personality: Carefree and kinda clueless. But happy with life =3 Does not act her age often. Would rather observe than take part of a lot of things. Does not like angsty drama at all. Often thinks too much for her own good. A smidge paranoid, and easily startled. Bad hearing (hereditary). Loves to sing with friends. Likes to think that she thinks practically, and does not understand most fashion trends. ('How are furred boots going to keep your feet dry in Seattle?!' 'What is the point of wearing a flimsy coat over a tank top and a short skirt in the winter?' etc. etc...XD; ) Wishes for a plot of land where she can grow an orchard and have a corgi-companion.
Background: Born and raised in the Emerald City of Seattle, she enjoys traveling with her family and has traveled to many places with them <3

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