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14 October 2008 @ 01:43 pm
Coming back to Kingston after the Thanksgiving break was harder than I expected. Last week, before coming home on Friday, I was excited for the weekend at home with family and food cooked by someone other than me, but being around my family and home (kind of ) for the past four days has made me miss staying there. Since we've been at school this year, things have been pretty good in the house, so I haven't really missed home. But, it also is very different this year. Our whole house feels less like a home. I only really talk regularly to 3/6 housemates. K is lots of fun and great for doing stuff with but tends to be a bit unreliable when it comes to plans and such, and has the annoying tendency of making me more negative about all the other girls when we are together. Jen & Jo are the usual. So, I don't spend much time with the others. I mean, a lot of my other time goes to D so who cares, it's not like I am hiding alone in my room.

So far, the main fight in the house is between C & Iso, but the worse bit of it that C just completely leaves the house to get away - not just for an hour, but around 3 days - so she avoids everybody. Me, Jen & Jo talked to her about it and learned that Iso has been exaggerating (if not flat-out lying) about the whole situation. Now it's a whole awkward mess. On top of it all, we all need to find houses for next year. We aren't even sure who will be living together. The plan now is me, Jen, Jo and K together but that is really leaving Iso out to be alone so we'll see. I can see it being just the three of us but that will be terrible. Three is always bad, and I know it will only magnify our current issues. Lo and C want to live alone so they will be on their own. I doubt we will see either of them much since they don't seem to make any effort now.

Also, much school work needs to be done. I am falling behind. Anatomy is the best class this year but definitely the hardest. It is partially so hard because of all the lifesci's in my class - they tend to work so hard that they stress me out. Oh well, it is a good class. Genetics is easy in that once you understand the problem's base, you can apply a few easy rules and get the answer. Hopefully the midterm is mostly problems and not many questions about processes like bacteria because that stuff is so boring that I am incapable of studying it. Health psyc should be okay, it is mostly Multiple choice, which helps me, and it is all from the text. Memory is just terrible all around. I have missed it so many times, eek.
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08 October 2008 @ 03:39 pm
woah reading these old entries are hilarious. I don't know how much I will actually write here, but hopefully a little since I am starting to regret not writing much during my past two years at school. I have been trying to remember how I used to edit layouts and having fun playing with it, meaning I will probably be interested in it for a while anyways.

: )
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29 May 2006 @ 04:33 pm
It is so close!!!!
i can feel summer coming, i know it. 17 more school days + 3 exams and i am done high school... wow thats a bit crazy. Im so excited though, grad's coming up not too far from now, and then commencement and SUMMER. this summer is going to include: drew time. no frills time. maybe a new job?. time spent by jensens pool. allison time. school friends PARTY time. university shopping/planning. family time. and most of all... outside time!! eep i am ridiculously excited.
next year will be me and jens at queens rooming together, how wild does that sound eh? we are going to decorate our room and everything, its gonna be gorrrrrrrrgeous. i cant wait. i get excited just thinking about it. PLUS, move in day is my birthday so it will be especially amazing. what a good sign. but i am gonna miss alot from here: clancy, derek, erin, gramma, my room, rugby, flute, cathy, dance, band (not miss king), and tons more.

for now, rugbys done, athletic banquet is tomorrow and then dance recital is coming up woooot. that should be fun.

and then we all know what that means :
♥ swimming
♥ cottage
♥ boy time
♥ girl time
♥ water fights
♥ etc.

: D

and i will leave you in an extremely good mood...

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24 November 2005 @ 04:39 pm

Wow. I don't even know where to start. But how about with some random points? Mkay, here's how my day went today:

So.. i woke up at 6:30 am without my alarm since I went to bed so freaking early (ten o'clock anyone?) and then fel,l back asleep for half an hour when I had a wacko dream about formal and Drew and a white plastic chair that talked to him ?? lol I'm insane. At least I'm not sick anymore : ) Hopefully that test will come back as not mono. That would suck. I dont think it is mono though cause Im soo much better now than i was a week ago and now I'm just a little bit tired not enough for it to be "MONO" you know what I mean? Anyways I got ready for school with my sort of scary "leftover hair" haha thats right leave it down from yesterday. Aaaaaaaaand chem

Chem is not my favourite subject. Chem is nowhere near my favourite subject. Ick. But today was okay. Me and Jess spent all period talking through the movie (of the experiment we blew up our beaker in hahahaha) and then the note made sense to me. I guess it's not such a bad class.. just not great. And yeah, went to writer's craft where today we didn't have to critique our own poetry (bonus!) we just looked at other stuff. This one by a student a few yeaes ago was soo amazing. It was called The Unexpected Yellow and it was about death according to the five senses. and even saying it like that seems to take something away from it. And I don't really like sad poetry all that much. So coming from me it really means something.

Then we get to lunch, oh how exciting. I found out I was signed up for volleyball without really knowing it, so I borrowed Ali's gym clothes and had some fun with our team. Okay, I know this sounds horrible but one person on our team is so bad. Rgh I need to be less competitive hahaha. Anyways we won 1 out of three in our first game and came close to overall winning but no, so then we played Kirk from work (hahaha that rhymes)'s team and they beat us pretty bad. But they were sooo into it hahah pretty insane. But through all this we had no time to eat so during our spare fourth me and Andrea walked to Mr Sub in the cold (first real snow today!) And then once we got there I figured out I didn't have my debit card so no food for me. And we had walked there for no reason. So yeah, I felt pretty bad for making her walk there with me haha. But I got chips at school and that was okay. We had calc, found out I completely bombed that test that I wrote when I was sick and I probably shouldn't have written, but oh well, shit happens. I think I did pretty well on the summative Monday so maybe that will counteract it a bit.

Annnnnnnnd now I'm home. I could write more about formal and Drew and Flute and sick and coffee house and work and university and Christmas and all. but you know what? I have to go practice. Or I may be shot at lessons tonight hahaha. So maybe more will be written tonight, whatever. Feels nice to write all this down : )

   xox Jess

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04 February 2005 @ 01:00 pm

heyhey! you know this is just for you, brody, so you better enjoy it.

so whats new in my life? umm.. lots but lets just do this week k? k. ok good. monday i cleaned out my closet. oh joy. and did prety much nothing all day, except my mom woke me up at 7:45! AM! on my day off! ewwwwww. anyways that night i begged and pleaded with my parents so i could go and sleep over at brody's house and then go shopping the next day with her family. YES! that was awesome. MMM Candy hearts, makeup and a webcam make for a fun night. We went to sleep fairly early for a sleepover (3) because we had to get up and shop all day. So we had some girl talk, and BEAT THE 4 HOUR RECORD! lol webcam=2x the original length apparently.so, the next day we went shopping. bought TONS of stuff all good bargains because we were at the St. Jacob's outlet mall, some stores in St Jacobs, and then outlet stores in Cambridge. So I bought stuff from Campus Crew (its closing! *sniff*), garage, jacob connexion, and maybe smart set? I cant remember. Wow! 4 shopping trips since last sunday, do you think I have a problem? lol. Anyways I went home and was lazy all night tuesday and watched American Idol for the first time in a while, and then tried to plan me and jensen's route for mandarin and jess' party on wednesday. it took some serious brain work, but I think we got it ;). So wednesday was the mandarin buffet and Robin and Jess' 17th bday party.

Me and Jens had a huuge list of things to do (cards, money, food, bus, transfers, dance stuff, dog, run to her house, wrap, make the post it note game, get to her house, change for dance, go to dance, buy dvds off andrew, come back to the party, get home) so we had a confusing day. At first we were soooo lucky! got the first bus in time, had to wait for the second one for 15 mins but that was ok because it was at the terminal so we could stay inside, then we got off the bus at the right spot, and made it to the mandarin in perfect time! woot woot! except most of everybody else werent there yet and we didnt know what we were registered under. but, they got there it time so it was all good. Except the teachers from our school that were there. EW teachers should not be allowed to go to restaurants while we are there. It was weird but who cares. And after a brief confusion with the bills and change etc, we left the restaurant and were walking to the bus stop when a bus drove right past us.. so we ran to make it in time but it turned out it was the wrong bus anyways and the right bus came right away so we got on without waiting. plus we had to go to the terminal again but our bus was there waiting for us! besides some crazy bus drivers with bad driving skills, the ride was ok. we went and finished all of our other chores and then made it home in time to make the post it note game, which took alot of time. And then as usual we had the massive rush at the end to make it to jensen's in time to get a ride from her dad to the party. Which meant the dog didnt do anything outside as usual. and my dad had already freaked on me saying the dog HAD to do something. but we had to leave. so we literally ran to jensens house, and then made it there in amazing time, to gether stuff ready and go drive jerica to work. After that we got to the party a couple minutes early but it was ok. TONS OF FUN! the post it note game wasnt that incredible but it was still fun *shrug*, and then me and jensen went to dance and forgot our money. oh well we can still get those dvds next week so its all good.

Now here comes the scary part - my dad came to drive us home and was PISSED. no, he ws beyond pissed. he was FURIOUS! all he said to me the entire time was asking directions to jess'  house and then telling me he knew a better way to get there and i was stupid (well then why did you ask?!?!?!?!). so i had to leave the party a bit early (dad was driving). but it was good! Jess liked her present (SIMS 2!!!!!) even though i almost told her it soooo many times. My dad didnt talk to me all wednesday night which I dont know if it  is better than yelling or worse, but it wasnt too bad either way.

Yesterday, I did housework most of the day and then went to flute and had fun with that <3 flute makes me so happy <3 so I need to practice more though because kiwanis is in april and Ii really need to get better at Morceau de Concours before I go. I watched TV and we put a log in the fire so last night was good- my dad was surprisingly not mad at me.

Today i have done nothing all morning. I have to eat still. Oh, and i cut my leg shaving worse than I ever have before. It was bleeding for an hour or so, and i will definitely have a scar : ( but its all good.  I have to work at 4, and Carolyns coming home for mom's bday tonight so we are going out to dinner. Should be fun : ) so I have to go make myself something for lunch! ByeBye


<3 Jess <3

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17 January 2005 @ 08:22 pm

Ok. I have been doing homework soo much lately its not even funny. 7 more days of this semester plus exams, and I can't wait for it to finish. Tomorrow I have a music theory exam, a novel presentation, plus a big practice exam and a review period. Ahhh! I just cant wait to get new teachers and new subjects. For example, my music teacher is a psycho. She likes me because I can play fairly well, but really shouldn't because i dont do any of the work she wants. She gave us a review booklet for our exam with things on it we have never ever seen before. and some we havent done since last year. Im telling you, shes a nutcase.

Besides that, I had an EEG last week where I couldnt sleep for 24 hours, so that was a but crazy, andtoday I had an MRI which was.. loud. I think I am doing something wrong though still, because today my whole arm and my mouth lost all feeling in them without me doing anything to them... strange. And, my grandpa who broke his hip in November, and has a blood clot in his chest, and is anemic, just found out he has bone cancer. I dont know what to think because it sounds bad but how can he survive with all that, but how could we all dowithout him?!?!? and they arent telling him about the cancer because they think he will just give up. Which really scares me. Ive never had a close relative die. I cant think of him not being here, but they are treating him like a 5 year old, I mean its his health, he has a right to know about it all.

Jill said a while ago she was going to switch schools for next semester beacsue, apparently,  we are causing all of her depression and stress. This was very bad to find out, but after thinking about it, it would make school alot better for everybody who is in her classes... we could still get together outside of school and stuff. But, just this weekend, she told us she is staying. So I dont really know what to think. The three of us all have drama together next semester, which is alot of partener work, so it definetly wont work out well with three of us in one class together. Im sure it will work out though.

more later, I gotta get back to work


"It always rains like hell on the loser's day to win"

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24 August 2004 @ 10:40 am

blah im bored and its early (ok, 10:40... early for me) and i dont really have anything interesting to write... its summer and i have been gone for two weeks with my parents. soooo... i will fill out a survey : )

enjoyCollapse )

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31 July 2004 @ 08:42 pm
ok i changed the whole layout.. but im not sure about it yet :S so here it is for now
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30 July 2004 @ 05:42 pm

hi there! so i really dont have to much to talk abot.. i have alot of energy for no reason today = ) = ). hmmm.. first, i have an addiction to bb5 (big brother 5, for all of you who dont already realize that).. i LOOVE drew, : ), he is such a good person, he reallytries to do the right thing, but he is also very hott ; ). always a good thing.

also, i am incredibly bored tonight because all of my friends have gone out of town for the weekend.. just like i was supposed to >( . i am sooo mad about that. basically, we were supposed to go to my cottage tonight but now we cant go til sunday because my cousins are still up there and we cant take it from them because it is still july. why cant they just leave? we were going to see the usual neighbours up there and play king of the raft as usual and have an all-around amazing time just like every year, but now the c's are leaving on sunday before we can get there and we dont know about the n's so... it might just be us. and then there is no point in going, because we are going on next friday for two whole weeks so, who cares? but tehn the c's definetly wont be there and most likely only some of the n's. its so depressing because that weekend is like the highlight of my summer (except the court party and my bday, although the court party will most likely suck this year).

ok all this talk is depressing me.. so i am gonna go for now ttyl!!


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