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7 November 1987
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~About Me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sarah was born and raised in Colorado. From an early age, she fell in love

with the arts. Sarah is currently enrolled as a Fine Arts Major at Rocky Mountain

College of Art and Design, double majoring in painting and photography. Her work is

highly influenced by her cultural roots as both a Muslim and Mormon.

The themes in her work are intensely personal and often revolve around members

of her family. She is highly influenced by Sally Mann and her photographic portraits

of her family. Sarah feels that her works are conversations illustrated between her

and her surroundings. She prefers to work with film in a dark room rather than

working digital. Sarah feels that she can connect on a deeper level with her

photographs when working in that kind of intimate environment.

Sarah plans to graduate from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design within the

next two years, at which time she hopes to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Friend Policy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am a real nice girl once you get to know me and am always looking to make a new friend. If you want to add me, go on ahead, just place a comment somewhere and I’ll be more than happy to friend you back. I try to keep up with people I know, so the more in common you have with me, the better you chances are of chatting with me often. This Journal is for open minded people however, and I will not tolerate abuse or slander from anyone—If you don’t like what I like, just pass on by; no need to get into a loosing battle. I WANT to make new friends, as many as I can. So please, if you want to add me, don’t worry about what I may or may not say/do.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Warning and Disclaimer~~~~~~~~~~~~

This Journal may have subject matter of an adult nature and I advise viewers to consider these words carefully. I do post fan based art and/or stories and I will post disclaimers per post, but as an over all disclaimer—‘If I didn’t make it, it’s not mine and not for sale so you don’t need to sue me’

This is now also a place for me to post some of my own work, just please note that all of it has already been protected by copyright so don't try and pull a fast one.

>>>>> Note: All of the images are mine, and are protected by copyright.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Advertising Time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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