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So maybe I haven't really posted anything in here since the summer, but now at high noon on this balmy rain flecked Friday, I sit here and take some time to share the wisdom and inspirational events that have occurred in my life as of late.

Lately, I have been sleeping less and less and it party because I work days and evenings, but also because...I've lost the ability to sleep. Hello four-six hours. ekcles.

Yestermorning, I worked and then got the afternoon off to see Robyn. We wandered really close to the gunman crime scene that was happening downtown. I slipped into the shoes of an investigative journalist and pretended to have a good reason to take photos of the police officers surrounding the scene. Some boys asked us if they could rob us, and they didn't mean of our money. sdfsdkf!

After work last night, I stayed late and watched the New James Bond movie. They'd put it into the biggest theatre and there were only three of us, so we sat at the very back, on the stairs, leaning against the wall. We talked loudly throughout, and watched as James Bond did many special things. One of those things was contracting 'Cat Scratch Fever'.

Afterwards I went home, and it was three am! I wandered about and slept and came to work and now I'm up and about and facing the world through a thick gauze of sleep deprivation. Woo!>!>!

On Wednesday, Mark and I met up and worked up some songs to play at this mini-show on December 1st, at the Fairfield Community Centre. It's going well!

Other events this week!? Some drunk guy tipped me sixteen dollars at the theatre and I writhed in horror because I had to make up this awful back story about why he's drunk and alone at the theatre on a weekday night. I feverishly searched for housing with Robyn, as potential roommates?!? I've been meaning to wander around and take photos before all the leaves fall off the trees, and I'm almost too late. But I shall still attempt it.

Okay, back to work. More exciting things to follow - so brace yourselves.

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So, the dates are confirmed and I need four boys and four girls for a job on September 4th - and that may (but probably won't) extend to September 5th as well. They're still requesting 'couples,' but it's not necessary. If you can find someone of the opposite sex that doesn't creep you out, that'd be fine too.

It's a made-for-tv-movie, called 'The Party Never Stops', and it stars Sara Paxton. It's for Showtime, or something, down in the states, and is basically a 'young, innocent girls goes to college and makes friends with girls who party....' film.

If you haven't been an extra before, here's the deal: It pays ten dollars an hour, and after eight hours you get fifteen. The shoots usually go for about six hours on average, and unless it's a 'many person scene,' which takes forever to shoot, what you usually do is sit around a room with couches for a while, hanging out and eating free-extra food. You get called in, told to 'walk that way,' or, 'have an interesting conversation with that boy over there!' and you do it! But with no sound. It's fun.

So, if anyone can confirm those dates that'd be mighty swell.

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Today, I am in Calgary. There is a body outside the hotel, being picked up by quite a few members of the Calgary Police. Otherwise, this is a very simple and gentle city to be in. Yesterday Jordyn and I wandered from sun up to sun down through the cobbled streets around us. We danced through the fountains, climbed a few staircases and interacted with the locals. We're switching hotels right now, but tomorrow is when we're coming home.

We're taking photos - so many photos of our quiet exploits. Tommorrow we are catching the plane at 9:00 and getting home at 9:20. Calgary time makes a fool out of the air travel. Most certainly.

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I'm looking for a few people who like to work an extra job on a movie that's coming in to town in late August.

It's potentially a few days of shooting at $10/hour, with lovely free food and afterwards you get to see yourself in a movie and go, 'ahh!'. You don't have to be an actor, but I've been told that it's a college scene, and they're in need of real-life couples. I assume that means it'll be at a party, or something - so you have to be comfortable kissing in front of people, or at least draping your arm around their shoulder in a tell-tale fashion. It's not going to be anything explicit at all (14A), but I know from past experince that if you pair up two people that have just met and tell them to 'look like a couple,' chances are that one of them will be incredibly awkward.

So, the first shoot date it August 26, but since there are quite a few scenes, you could be working one to two days anytime between August 24th - September 4th.

If you're intersted, or know anyone who might be, contact me by e-mail, or just leave a comment.

Thank you!

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Lately I've been having a breakthrough, like a gargantuan who suddenly stands, his bulbous head emerging with ferocious power and energy into the cold, clear night sky from within the clouds.

This weekend my parents went...somewhere. Oh yes, they went to Quadra Island. My sister and I got to stay in the big echo chamber that they had just rented. It was edgy, it was fun. Like a coming of age soap opera where there are no parents around and the series always forgets to explain it or says 'the parents are away on business trips'. Devlin came over on Sunday night and we made pasta, followed the eerie jingling tunes of Christian music in Beacon Hill, and danced like wraiths through the large wooden halls. Well, maybe he didn't dance, and 'like a wraith' is just how I move, so scratch the last one out.

In the middle of the night Alicia Yeend Brown came over and God knows why, but I suddenly thought she'd brought this big dog with her. I heard the front door open, then watched as a frown formed on my younger sister's face as she shook her finger in reprimanded and said, 'NO.' in an unwavering and firm voice. Then I heard chains and before you knew it I had leapt onto the back of the couch, legs drawn up. It was reflexes, which is strange because I like dogs! I jive with them, you know? But, no, it was just Alicia chainless and muttless, striding through the door with only a song in her heart and a penny in hand.

I am leaving my job at the end of summer and I haven't told my boss yet. I haven't spent money for so long and yesterday I opened the floodgates! Actually that may be a bit of an overstatement, although I bought my mom a big box of chocolates on whim today.

I'm reading a terribly large amount of books, and starting to learn, I mean really learn, how to cook. I've got a plan, I've got tons of ideas and now I have a sugar screen play that I'm going to film soon.


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I just sat down and wrote a fairly inspired screenplay for a short film. In the next month or two I'm going to be needing: two boys (both for lead roles), two people walking in the park and a group of female wiccans/new-age enthusiasts who wouldn't mind having a passionate conversation about reincarnation.

Oh, and also a film crew.

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to: anyone

i need someone whos is willing to be photographed, now or later. in fact, i need quite a few people who wouldn't mind being in front of a camera. i have tons TONS of ideas. reply here or e-mail me if you're interested.


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I had an amazing weekend.

Now let's see if I can remember it...

I went to Arbutus Cove on Friday night with Devlin and Anton, to make a fire and to meet up with April and Matt. I'd actually never been to Arbutus Cove before, and after setting up camp along Dallas Road for the last year or so, it was a really nice change. The stars were incredibly bright, and I used my feeble astronomy knowledge to pick some constellations out. We made a fire; we narrowly escaped what we assumed were the police, and then we saw bioluminescence in the water.

On Saturday Devlin, Jordyn and I went to see my Dad play in a fancy restaurant. Two of my dad's friends were also there, and they demanded olive oil at every chance they could. We caught the bus, went back to my place and then watched The Squid and the Whale'. It was a stressful movie.

OH, BUT THERE WAS MORE. But now for the point of this post: This is an announcement.

I need musicians and/or singers that will be eighteen or under on August 20th. I'm interested in entering this competition and because my birthday isn't until October, I'll still in the 'youth' category.

If I can't find anyone, I'll enter it alone, but I think it'd be a lot more fun with other people. So, give me an e-mail, or leave a comment, or tell people that might want to join up. I've got many songs, and lots of ideas.

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I haven't done an actual 'update' post for a while, so here it goes:

Lately, I've been working, planning and writing so many things. My dad left his keyboard at my house a while ago, and I started playing around on it. Honestly, for my whole life I thought I was far too motor-skill-less to make even a slightly bearable song on the piano, but I've been playing it a lot. Every time I go into my bedroom, it just draws me in!

I think it's pretty depressing that I'm far better on keyboards then on guitar, when I've been playing guitar since I was thirteen. The point is that it's one hundred times easier for me to write songs on a piano. And that's what has been happening!

I got back from Vancouver just yesterday, from a very important audition that will determine my future, and the futures of those I HOLD DEAR! Okay, so it's just for an acting college, but I'm really happy about how it went. I worked really hard to prepare for it, and I didn't hold back anything during the audition. Even if I don't get in, I'll still be happy cause I DID MY BEST.

I'm also waiting, waiting for the employment of the Oak Bay Rec to be announced. As you may not know, I applied there to teach theatre this summer. I got through the first three cuts, and now they're gonna tell us if we've got the job in a week or two. EK. Cross my fingers.

Also, the lease is running out on the house Katz and I live in, and we have to move on July 1st. I'll know then if I'm going to Langara College or not, so that'll be good. But, eek. Housing is too expensive. Let's see some Sarah-discounts. Oh, I can't wait until I can afford some lofty brick apartment downtown, or by the ocean. Or both. I could handle moving to Vancouver, but I never-ever want to live on the mainland. I need mountains and the sea.

Devlin and I are going to the Islands concert next week, which I am deadly excited about. We're going to Vancouver and getting a hotel and (hopefully) taking a bazillion pictures. WAH.

Tomorrow I have a semi-play, 'selected scenes' type thing, which I am totally not ready for. I'm playing two characters: A pathological liar and a kind nurse. They have names. Oh, they have names.

Other things are happening too, volunteer stuff and getting another job stuff. I want to play music now, soon, whenever I can. If anyone wants to 'jam,' drop me a line.

Tomorrow I'm going to freak-clean the whole house. YEAH!
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