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...and the Beaver Patrol

acoustic guitars, aliens, androgyny, ani difranco, asian horror, baking, banana pancakes, belle and sebastian, bisexuality, blonde redhead, board games, books, cat power, cats, cooking, curb your enthusiasm, daniel clowes, dementors, devendra banhart, donnie darko, e.t., eating, editing, edward gorey, elliott smith, elvis costello, fatal frame, feminism, film, filmmaking, flight of dragons, foreign films, games, gender studies, ghost hunting, ghost pictures, ghost stories, ghostbusters, ghosts, glasses, guided by voices, hair, happiness of the katakuris, harry potter, haunted houses, hauntings, hayao miyazaki, horror, horror films, horror movies, ice cream, intelligent people, japanese horror, jhonen vasquez, john irving, johnny the homicidal maniac, julie doiron, kissing, kittens and cats, laughing, lou reed, madeleine l'engle, monique nault, my bloody valentine, my boyfriend, neil young, nico, nina simone, nirvana, outer space, parapsychology, peeing in the shower, penises, photography, playing guitar, poetry, pop art, prayer for owen meany, psychology, radiohead, ray bradbury, reading, roman polanski, rosemary's baby, scary stories, science, science fiction, seinfeld, sex, silent hill, singing, sleeping in, sloan, space, space ghost, spirited away, stanley kubrick, stereolab, tea, the amityville horror, the birds, the blair witch, the blair witch project, the exorcist, the flaming lips, the omen, the shining, the texas chainsaw massacre, the thing, the velvet underground, thestrals, toys, vaginas, vegetarian sushi, vegetarianism, video, video games, violent femmes, visual culture, women, women's health, women's rights, woody allen, world according to garp, writing