_jenny_b (_jenny_b) wrote,

I always forget to write in here....

since my birthday I got sick.
took a sick day from work. it was awesome. i slept a lot that day.

uhm, I bought this....
I love it. and this game....

and it's so fun. i love it so much. i already have a list of games i want. i might go buy one tonight. haha.

We had Theresa's other shower and her bachelorette party. she got really drunk.

My mom found an Aunt we never knew about. Turns out my Nana put her up for adoption after having my Aunt Lisa and didn't tell anyone about her. Now there's craziness in the family dynamics and it's all weird and "blood" matters now and it never did before and it's just crazy. She seems super nice and funny. and looks like my dad and aunt.

Mother's Day I had to work and was really upset that I couldn't be with my family or with EJ's.
I came home from work and looked at the pictures of everyone and got pretty upset/sad about it.

Monday EJ tells me to check my e-mail and turns out he surprised me with a plane ticket to visit my family 4th of july weekend!!!!!! he is the most amazing boyfriend ever. i love him to death. i wish he could come with me but i understand. i'm so excited. so i'll be home july 2-6th.

uhm.....my step mom is giving me her old engagement ring and wedding band from her last marriage. she doesn't need it and said i could have it. awesome. it looks like a nice size stone. i plan on getting it reset into settings i will like. free diamonds. who passes that up?
From Random Camera Phone Pics

here's some pictures...

my birthday

new found glory 4/20/09



    sign this petition to save this poor dog!!!!

  • hahahahahahahahaha

    kid has super funny freakout/tantrum when his mom cancels his WoW subscription

  • new hair cut.

    at work we have candy dishes everywhere. i'm trying to give up candy for lent. so far so good. there are some hershey kisses i need to get rid of…

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