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I always forget to write in here....

since my birthday I got sick.
took a sick day from work. it was awesome. i slept a lot that day.

uhm, I bought this....
I love it. and this game....

and it's so fun. i love it so much. i already have a list of games i want. i might go buy one tonight. haha.

We had Theresa's other shower and her bachelorette party. she got really drunk.

My mom found an Aunt we never knew about. Turns out my Nana put her up for adoption after having my Aunt Lisa and didn't tell anyone about her. Now there's craziness in the family dynamics and it's all weird and "blood" matters now and it never did before and it's just crazy. She seems super nice and funny. and looks like my dad and aunt.

Mother's Day I had to work and was really upset that I couldn't be with my family or with EJ's.
I came home from work and looked at the pictures of everyone and got pretty upset/sad about it.

Monday EJ tells me to check my e-mail and turns out he surprised me with a plane ticket to visit my family 4th of july weekend!!!!!! he is the most amazing boyfriend ever. i love him to death. i wish he could come with me but i understand. i'm so excited. so i'll be home july 2-6th.

uhm.....my step mom is giving me her old engagement ring and wedding band from her last marriage. she doesn't need it and said i could have it. awesome. it looks like a nice size stone. i plan on getting it reset into settings i will like. free diamonds. who passes that up?
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here's some pictures...

my birthday

new found glory 4/20/09

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new hair cut.

at work we have candy dishes everywhere.

i'm trying to give up candy for lent. so far so good. there are some hershey kisses i need to get rid of quickly though before i eat them. lol

i listened to old school NFG on my way to work. it put me in a great mood. i get to see them 3 days after my bday. i'm pumped.

everyone likes me hair cut.
From Random Camera Phone Pics

From Random Camera Phone Pics

uhm...we are rearranging our apartment on saturday and then i want to go to the conservatory and then to his grandma's and possibly make this wallet from my craft book ej gave me for valentine's day!

that's all for now.
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Hooray for days off!

I'm sleepy. But had a decent weekend.

Friday night we went to Grandma and Grandpa's and had dinner then went and saw Benjamin Button with her. Went home and went to bed.

Saturday we went to EJ's mom's house and I did laundry, made amish friendship cinnamon bread and then we stopped and got some food and I took him over to Kris and Taylor's and went to work.

I came home and Nick and Fawn came over to play MarioKart for a little while.

Sunday I slept in til 11:30 and woke up, watched the golden compass. Then had to go inquire about a tire for my car then headed to Spring Grove to take some pictures. It had snowed and was very pretty.

I proceeded to lock myself out of my car there and everyone was working except for our downstairs neighbor Zach. He came and picked me up, took me home to get my spare and then back to get my car. I was so thankful.

Then I went home, ate, left to pick up EJ. We went to get groceries. Went home and watched tv then headed to bed.

My bread turned out awesome and very yummy.

A picture from my adventure at Spring Grove yesterday
From January 2009

Hooray Obama!

Last week I got another flat tire. lol oh well. I also got myself a new phone friday. I got the LG Voyager, so did EJ. I love it. It's fabulous.

I need to get a tire this weekend if this one is really messed up. It is an older one so I am assuming I just need to buy a new one. Once I get paid this week I should have the checking account advance back on my bank account and I can borrow the money from there until the next time I get paid for the tire.

I have to get used to getting paid every other week now.
I still get paid every week from Kroger though.

Let's see. Today I need to call one more bakery for Theresa's cake and I want to go over the checklist and see if there's anything else I need to do, or have them do.

I'm also going to check the calendar and try and set a date for her bridal shower and maybe give Pam a call and see if that date works for her, since we're going to have it at her house.

I'm going to go home tonight and take the bakery information over to Theresa and then watch TV and finish knitting EJ's cell phone cozy he wants. I made one for myself already. Maybe I'll try to post from my phone, but if I have to get online I'm not doing it. haha.

Oh, Wednesday my boss got fired/laid off. It sucks. Lauren and I are so busy now. We can't really even take lunches.

Anyways. Happy Innaguration Day!


Panera just brought in some cookies for me! haha. it pays to do the food ordering for all the meeting rooms apparently.
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holiday social

Today is the holiday social/holiday get together at work today. Lots of food and people.
The girl who does my job at a new location here across town is coming today to have me help her out and give her some pointers and answer some questions. They just opened and only have one client, and apparently they really like me here and trust my judgement. It would be awesome if the girl decided not to come back. I like working here.

Anyways, I've had some horrible headaches all week. I'm either not drinking enough water so I've got some now. I'm grinding my teeth in my sleep again so tonight I'll wear my mouthguard and see if I notice any difference. Or, I don't know. haha.

Hm...not much else to report.

I put my tree up, I know I need to post some pictures soon.

Tomorrow we're going to see that Keanu Reeves movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still. Saturday I plan on sleeping in, borrowing Guitar Hero from Danny, knitting and then at night hang out with Liz while Nick and EJ go to a drum and bass thing down the street from Liz's apartment. It'll be nice because that way I don't have to drop them off, go home, come back and pick them up and go home again. She lives right down the street so no wasting gas money! hooray!

That's all for now.
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