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because UNREALITY is, like, my whole life

Jenni Lou
19 September 1979

Jenni Lou is a fiction writing graduate of Columbia College Chicago. Jenni Lou is hermetically inclined but is not afraid to venture out into the masses. Jenni Lou has a daughter, Raina James, and loves her so very much. Jenni Lou owns an insane amount of tv series on DVD and doesn't feel like she owns enough yet. Jenni Lou is indifferent to most everything. Jenni Lou makes no apologies for this. Apathy becomes Jenni Lou. Jenni Lou is short for Jennifer Louise and in case you are wondering, yes, people really do call her Jenni Lou. Jenni Lou is her name, after all. Jenni Lou is me.

I don't update here much anymore. Obviously. I'm keeping the LJ alive so that I can use it in various communities and comment to other journals without being anonymous. I'm not big on "blogging" and journal writing. :/

I enjoy a ridiculous amount of television shows and music. I would make a nice list but there's no point because this page would never end!