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Well it's been some time... [Oct. 17th, 2013|01:02 am]
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[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

I can't remember the last time I used this thing. I really only use Livejournal as a way of keeping up to date with my favourite authors in the R/S fandom.

I am not even sure why doing this popped into my head and I know my life is of no interest to anyone else but I guess it is a place where I can let off some steam and just put some feelings out there, so to speak.

The last time I used this journal I was a young thing, barely out of my teens and into the twenties. Eep. Time really does fly. I remember as a child wondering why everything took so long to happen and now months go by with my barely noticing... I guess my wee mam was right after all.

I am now a mature woman who in all consideration has done relatively well; nothing particularly grand but for a girl who was once told she might not see out her sixteenth, I think I can safely say I have done well enough. Sure, there is plenty I can say I have messed up: relationships being the main one (never prioritizing them in the way they probably merited); screwing up my scholarship, though thankfully I rectified that in the end; letting my family down by moving away from them and probably ruining forever the close relationship I used to share with my wonderful brother; hurting friends who were so dear to me by again, prioritizing the world's bullshit before them; never making enough money to make ends meat, such is the cursed life of the perpetual academic. Apart from those things though, I live in a small but comfortable home which is big enough for my cat and I to live happily. I still don't keep great health by average but I am grateful for what I have and all in all, it's a quiet, stable life. I get to read fan-fiction which never fails to cheer me up and I have a wonderful best friend who always makes me smile even when I want to punch something. Hard.

My academic interests range from chronic illness; identify construction; disability rights; substance use; social policy etc and those tend to keep my brain occupied and challenged. I love Harry Potter and JK Rowling (is that not a given?) and of course, Jane Austen; not to mention my insatiable love of all things S/R, especially written by pica_scribit. I would happily spend my life in a library or in King Tuts listening to a random band and love visiting new places, though money tends to put a damper on that at times. Caravans make me happy and I could not imagine my life without my cat Madam. She is my world and has been a rock when I need it most.

So yeah, although I might feel stuck in a rut right now and that life is pretty gloomy, at least I have things in my life which make me happy. Thank the deities for that.

Also, I think I may have found a cathartic use for my dormant livejournal.
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Sooo long since i've updated! [May. 22nd, 2005|12:42 am]
[Current Mood |calmcalm]
[Current Music |Metallica- Nothing else matters]

Hey everyone, hope you're all good, haven’t been on much lately, missed you all but stupid studying beckons… Evil stuff. Anyway, lovely Surfergirl17 wrote me a drabble I asked for, and as a thank you I tried to write one in return. It sucks, so Katie I apologise in advance!! I just can’t do drabbles!

“You’re the cutest little thing aren’t you?” cooed a Sirius Black in full adoring mode, turning the lock on the door and entering the flat he shared with his other half, Remus.

“Daddy is going to love you, oh yes he is! Dad loves you already, uh huh, I do… oh we’ll go loads of walks, I know brilliant adventure trails, I’ll sneak you the best chocolate, and you can sleep with Daddy and me until your old enough, you’re my wee boy aren’t you… yup you are” he murmured softly, in the voice people stupidly choose when speaking to babies.

The brown, fluffy puppy in his arms looked up at Sirius with wide innocent eyes and it made him melt inside- ‘oh Remus will love him, our puppy, our baby’.

“Moony” he called out. The flat was crisp clean, you’d never know two young men lived here, precisely how Moony liked it (I will Not live like a grotty git Sirius!).

“In here” came a soft voice from the kitchen.

Wrapping his bundle of joy more securely in his arms, Sirius walked to the kitchen door and peered inside; feeling a smile appear that was unrelated to the puppy and everything to do with the man before him; Sirius ordered Remus to close his eyes.

Feeling one of Sirius’s dramatic moments coming on, Remus merely sighed and did as he was told… besides he had a suspicion that he already knew what was coming… they had spoke about it briefly yesterday, nothing had been decided of course, but then when did Padfoot ever wait for a silly thing such as an equal decision?

“Open your arms love” whispered Sirius, in hushed tones.

Oh yes, Remus knew exactly what was coming. No way! He was not having another dog in the flat, especially a permanent one!

“Open your eyes Remus”

His fluttering eyelids opened and Remus gazed down into the most lovable pair of eyes he had ever seen… The cutest, sweetest little puppy! Oh Merlin, he’s absolutely bloody perfect!

“Can we keep him Moony?” Sirius asked, eyes wide and hopeful. He was inwardly grinning at Remus’s awestruck look; I damn well know the answer… I am a genius! And now a dad!!

“Umm… You should have told me about this first Sirius” said Remus, trying and failing to maintain authority. Why does Sirius always get off so easily with me, why?!

“I know love, but I saw him and well… look Moony, he’s nuzzling your hand… oh love, please, please can we keep him, he’s meant for us!” whined Sirius, big beautiful grey eyes, pleading into Remus honeyed coloured ones.

“You bloody well know I’ve said yes already, don’t you?” Moony smiled. A new addition to his family was exactly what was needed.

“Yay!! I’m a dad, wow, amazing! Moony you’re a daddy! Wicked or what?!” cried a joyous Padfoot, dancing up and down on his feet.

“Oh shut up you stupid sod, and go get the bloody camera!”
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Missed ya! [Apr. 13th, 2005|08:25 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |Razorlight-somewhere else]

Heya! A Christmas fic with Remus/Sirius raising little Harry! It’s a welcome home for my darling friend el spamola (So happy I have you back hun!).

A Scrooge like MoonyCollapse )
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Thank you so much! [Feb. 28th, 2005|04:29 pm]
[Current Mood |draineddrained]
[Current Music |Jay Z-Linkin Park- Numb]

Hey! Decided to post this, I wrote it for sweet el spamola, as a thank you (though it’s no where near good enough) for the video she made me! I love it so much, thanks sweetie! It’s fluff basically, because I just don’t want to even attempt angst! Feedback is always appreciated loved and snuggled.

MemoryCollapse )
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Fifth part [Feb. 21st, 2005|04:25 pm]
[Current Mood |lethargiclethargic]
[Current Music |Dada-Puzzled]

Hey everyone, hope your all okay J Well I’ve finished “My Moony Wish” so el spamola can hopefully smile, and not kill me for taking so damn long! If you like fluffy puppies (like moi) then you might like this. I have the other four parts on my journal _jenc_ for those of you who have no idea what this part means.

Wish come trueCollapse )
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Hi! [Feb. 17th, 2005|04:41 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |Metallica-The unforgiven]

Hey everyone, hope you’re all okay :) This is the fourth (and probably second from last) part of “My Moony Wish” written mainly for el spamola, as a way to stop her from crying and pouting (yes, she knows what I mean :P) and anyone else who likes some fluff basically. I have the other three parts on my journal _jenc_ for anyone how wishes to find out what on earth this fourth part means. :)

RealisationCollapse )
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(no subject) [Feb. 14th, 2005|03:04 pm]
Hey people! This is the 3rd drabble fic for “My Moony Wish”, I really hadn’t intended writing this into a little story thing, but el spamola is to blame! Hehe. This is for her, and also surfergirl17 because she loves fluff, and I do too! Trust me, my puppies will be happy!! Eventually… :)

wakingCollapse )
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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2005|11:42 am]
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]
[Current Music |Greenday-Holiday]

Hey! Hope everyone is okay :) um.. I wrote a second part to my first drabble “My Moony Wish” for the request from el spamola that I keep writing, which was a very sweet thing to say, and thanks to those who commented on My Moony Wish, it helped boost my confidence to post Remus’s dream! I was technically supposed to be studying, but got carried away with this, it’s longer than I expected it to be, as it's supposed to be a drabble. Hope it’s not too bad :)

Remus shifted his body, raising his left arm above his head, he did not notice this movement however, for he was currently sound asleep; warm and cosy under his duvet. Quite recently Remus had discovered that being asleep, was where he preferred to be.
Asleep was where he was allowed to dream, and as his Mother, Bless her, always used to tell him, while tucking him into bed:
“Dreams are the place where your fantasy’s are allowed to wander and come true, if only while you’re sleeping, sweet dreams my darling…”
Remus knows his Mum spoke the truth, and therefore he indulges in his dreams, as this is where his pleasurable fantasy of having Sirius Black return his love and affections, happens to be.
Upon waking, Remus will smile with blissful hearted contentment, that is until the realisation hits him, that once again, he had been having his Padfoot Dream:
Sirius and he are walking slowly in comfortable silence, hands entwined, through the Forbidden Forest; forbidden, similar to his love for Sirius, but thankfully for Remus, he knows this thought will only disturb him once he is awake; for now though: Sirius is his and his alone.
Occasionally, they briefly glance at each other’s faces, in the hope of catching ‘that look’ they both share in one another’s eyes: love and adoration.
Through the trees, they are bathed in the waxing moon’s glare, which Remus feels is trying to break the couple’s happiness.
It does not have the desired effect: Remus does not fear the moon, or it’s friend the Wolf, when he is in the safety of Padfoot’s presence and strength. His brave Sirius will shelter him from the unbidden fear that normally rises in his chest from seeing the moonlight.
This thought is shared between them, as Sirius stops, and turns to face him; wrapping his muscular, yet slim arms, around Remus’ thin form; hugging him protectively to his chest, cradling Remus’s head against his shoulder, and lightly stroking his hair: a silent promise passing through these actions, that he will do everything in his power for the rest of his life, to protect Remus.
It’s this act of tenderness from self-assured Sirius Black that reinforces what Remus knows his heart has told him countless times: You are desperately in love with Sirius.
Remus looks up into Sirius’s face, noticing his ocean deep grey eyes, are holding a look of gentleness, which plainly tells him, that his love is reciprocated.
Unbeknown to Remus, this particular part of his regularly occurring dream, manages to produce a stronger smile on his face; a smile that was caught, also unbeknown to him, by said Sirius Black.
Remus was not to be aware of the fact that Sirius noticed almost everything about him; or that Sirius had just made a certain wish, an idea given to him by reading one of Remus’s old muggle fairytale books, that he just couldn’t quite part with.
Perhaps if Remus had not been so hopelessly lost in his wonderful dream, he may have woken to find the object of his affections, staring at him, with a look on his face, divided equally between contentment and longing; and who knows, he may also have realised, clever boy that he is: Sirius had just made a Moony Wish.

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Hello! [Feb. 7th, 2005|10:17 pm]
[Current Mood |nervousnervous]
[Current Music |Razorlight- Golden touch]

Hey everyone :) I've been commenting here for awhile, but i've actually never said hello *bows head in shame-terrible manners*. I think i've finally worked out how to post on here, thanks to [Bad username: Pica scribit], very sweet of her to help me out :) Umm...i'm really scared about posting cause I was never really gifted with the ability to write well! Anyway, rambling on a bit, hope you like it, it's a very short drabble :)

My Moony WishCollapse )
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