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I left my phone at home! I'm so annoyed with myself, it's going to make today go suuuuuuuuuuper slow.

Also, Bones made me mad last night, haha.
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I am currently in love with this apartment in St. Petersburg:


I know there is no way in hell that it would still be available in the 6 months or so we are hoping to be able to move in, but I COULD WALK EVERYWHERE! haha, plus that awesome balcony & clawfoot tub. Downtown means no yard area for the dogs, but it's St. Petersburg. There are 10 parks within 1 mile of that apartment. Right now I'm just looking to see what we could expect to pay & what we could get, but damn I love that apartment!

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You know what's great about Ollie? He likes to sit on my lap when I'm on the toilet. Not like normal curl up into a ball kitty sit in my lap, but like a little baby. I go into the bathroom, he follows me. I sit down, he comes and stands by my feet. I pick him up and he leans his back up against me, tilts his head back, looks at me and starts purring. I just love that such a little thing makes him so happy.
halloween 08

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I'm so incredibly frustrated with my rate of healing right now. I'm not getting worse, but I'm not getting better either.

Friday I got my wisdom teeth out. Friday and Saturday I felt fine. Was a little swollen on Saturday. Sunday I got worse. Monday and today the swelling feels about the same. I went into work for a few hours today, but I think I'm going to stay home tomorrow. I kept feeling nasceous at work, I think it was the whole sitting straight and moving around bits. I plan on calling the surgeon's office to see if this is normal. I mean, I know swelling is normal, but for it to stay the same and not go down? Is that normal? I was a bit worried about infection because ohgod the taste, but I found a wisdom teeth community on LJ and seems like everyone gets the nasty taste, it's the blood clots breaking down. So there's that at least. I don't think I have dry socket or anything, it's more the muscles that are sore. I just want to get better. :(

Other, non-tooth related stuff.

Phil and I decided for gifts to each other this year (for xmas & aniversary) we were going to take a weekend and go somewhere. At first we were planning Gburg because it's close and lots to do, but after making pretty concrete plans to move to FL I wanted to go spend a weekend in St. Pete. Being basically couch bound for a few days led me to find some awesome B&Bs that we'll probably end up staying at. I'm really quite excited for that weekend. I'm thinking I might also contact a realtor before we head down there, just so we can check out the market. We'd be buying on Phil's income alone since I'm pretty sure me finding a job before we move is going to be a one in a million shot. Not that I won't try and look before we go, but it'd be best if we plan on me not having a job right away. Finding a place to rent would probably be hard since we have the pets, especially where Dorian is so large. So yeah, I'd like to look. I'm open to a condo/townhome as well as a traditional home. Just because it seems that a townhouse would be nicer in that price range than a home would be. Maybe more room or something. Also I think it would be a good idea to all ready have a working realtionship with a realtor when we're on a time crunch of finding a place to live when we sell the house.
halloween 08

This is my day so far...

This is what kind of day it's been:

Both locks on my car doors were frozen shut this morning. Couldn't get them open. Phil climbed in through the back and over the back seat for me and luckily we were able to pull the locks up.

Dentist. Joy.

Waited half an hour past my appointment time to be seen.

New dentist btw, my last dentist (who apparently wasn't that good... more on that in a minute) wasn't covered when my company switched insurance companies and I'd been lagging on finding a new one. Mainly because there wasn't one closer than like Hendersonville and I was lazy, but then it was like two years later and I was like, uh... I really should find another dentist. haha but this time the other dentist in Old Hickory was covered so yay. New dental hygenist (old dentist did the cleanings himself, in & out in under half an hour) was suuuuuuuper thorough. I was in the chair for 45 minutes. Then the dentist himself comes in and is like uh... you have a ton of cavities and your wisdom teeth really need to come out. Which is completely different from what I got 2 years ago at my last appointment - teeth look great, no cavities! Is it possible for that many to pop up that soon? I don't get it. Anyway, gotta figure out if my insurance will cover me going to an oral surgeon so they can knock me out because there's no way in hell I'm going to be awake for THAT.

Oh, and I left the house wearing two different shoes. haha

But I did just realize that it's Thursday and all my shows are on (excepting Supernatural but that just means I can watch Fringe on the TV instead of the computer) so I have that going for me.
halloween 08

Playing with picnik (thanks Shawna!)

I fiddled around in picnik with this picture I took at this year's Tomato Art Fest in East Nashville. Ok, it's not one of the tomato art pieces, but I liked it. :)

Made it this:

I totally went overboard with all the features, but it was fun. :)
halloween 08

You know us liberals, we ruin everything...

There was an email in my junk folder from the Tennessean. Usually I ignore them, but the subject from this one drew me in. It said "Is the Bible to liberal?

A movement is underway to create a new, more conservative version of the Bible. Have liberal translators interjected socialist ideas to some versions? Read more only in Sunday's Tennessean."

Oh how I hope this is online after Sunday! I think it would be an entertaining read.