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Sheepishness and gleeeeee!

I felt rather sheepish when I realized (after spending a few hours wondering where the torrent was and why no one was posting about the new episode) that just because I had the day off today, that did not mean that it was Saturday and BSG had aired. /sheepishness

I am still, however, filled with glee about Dreamhost's newest craziness where they quadrupled all the disc space. I was just getting worried about it too, because I was at over 60% and I was putting off uploading caps, but now I'm at 20%, and that's after I capped and uploaded a bunch more stuff just because gleeeeeee! =)

Just like Tissa, I think that people should take advantage of this and open up lots and lots of high-quality cap sites (this goes double if you have Felicity on DVD. Just saying). With 20 GB of space and 1 TB of bandwidth/month with the cheapest plan you'll be set for life (because the space and bandwidth increases weekly. By 160 MB, I think). So I went ahead and copied Tissa and Signe and set up a promotional code. Just enter JEMS1 in the space for the promotional code and you'll get a year for $30! All the other plans also have significant discounts, but that's basically the cheapest you'll get...at least for the first year.

Isn't it sad that I get this excited about caps and capping? You know what's even sadder? I kinda resented the time spent with family and friends in the past few days because I wanted to be home capping even more stuff. Collapse )

I think I'm going to try to finish Wonderfalls (three episodes), Doctor Who (three episodes) and The West Wing season 1 (three episodes) in the next few days, and quite possibly cap some more movies too. Any requests?
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Caps and cap games

Gilmore Girls
4x04 Chicken or Beef?
4x05 The Fundamental Things Apply
4x21 Last Week Fights, This Week Tights

Right-click/Copy link location. Paste in new window, add h. I'm not planning on putting these up online, so if you want them, download the zips.

And since I have to translate some Conan this evening, here's a distraction for both you and me:

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Veronica Mars
1x22 Leave It to Beaver (172 MB)
Zip. Album.

The West Wing
1x16 20 Hours in L.A. (24 MB)
Zip. Album.

1x17 The White House Pro-Am (31 MB)
Zip. Album.

3x10 Bartlet for America (25 MB)
Zip. Album.

3x11 H. Con - 172 (31 MB)
Zip. Album.

3x12 100,000 Airplanes (36 MB)
Zip. Album.

Right-click/Copy link location. Paste in new window, add h on the zips.

I may have gotten a bit mixed up with those, so if any links are switched around, let me know.

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Did you guys know that the Freeze Frame Network has expanded? Like, a lot? They have Freeze Frames for Felicity, Wonderfalls, Friends, Gilmore Girls... A lot of shows. Not much there yet, but I think they're having trouble finding cappers. Which is no wonder, 'cause I hadn't even heard about it until a few days ago.

Last night I got an e-mail. My Serenity DVD has shipped and will be here in 5-14 days! Eeee! And TWW season 6 is also on its way. What did I ever do for fun before DVDs and the Internet took over my life?

Speaking of which, I still have last night's TWW to watch. *toddles off*
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VM 2x09

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And since the zip hasn't finished uploading: Collapse )

Caps! Right-click/Copy link location. Paste in new window, add h. Album is here, but not uploaded yet. Soon. (Another zip link.)

It's World Aids Day, and the company promising to donate up to $100,000, $1 for every click, still hasn't reached its goal. So click and spread the word.