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A good credit sequence can make me stay with a show longer than I otherwise would have. True story.

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I capped two more VM episodes, as well as Becoming Jane.

I also changed most of my galleries to display 100 thumbnails per page. Except for the galleries I used for the poll. I'll probably change them later today.

I'm completely avoiding work today. I really have to finish this one Jerry Springer because the deadline is today, but I feel slightly nauseated at the thought. Perhaps the program title will give you a clue as to why:

I'm in a Lesbian Affair with My Niece

The first woman gives a number of reasons why it's not wrong, including: "I helped raise her", "we have a special bond", "I'm not cheating on my husband because it's family", "there were certain things she needed to learn", etc.


I wish the Project Runway torrent would show up so I could have a legitimate (well, to my way of thinking) reason to put it off even further. And after that I thought I'd take a look at the collections from Fashion Week, killing even more time. Then perhaps a post... I could put this off until midnight if I just put my mind to it.