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(this is getting ridiculous)

ITEM THE FIRST: I don't usually get what people see in lolcats, but I gotta say, The Lolcat Bible? Genius!

ITEM THE SECOND: I just wanted to make sure that anyone who has seen the vid made from my V/L: MFEO picspam knows that I didn't do it. I know the difference between alias and anti-alias, thank you very much!

ITEM THE THIRD: I'm sorry, I'll be returning to not!posting any day now, don't worry.

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Links of all shapes and sizes

I spent last night watching Keith Olbermann videos on YouTube. I love Jon and Stephen as much as the next person, but sometimes you just need someone to say the things you're too inarticulate to say and Keith Olbermann is the one who does that for me. Doesn't hurt that he makes O'Reilly look like an idiot most of the time either.

There was one video I wanted to save for posterity. Collapse )

Links galore!

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So I went and got myself a Vox account. Probably won't actually do anything with it (unless there's another LJ blackout, even though I got a journal on one of those other sites just for that purpose, only I can never actually remember I have it).

So far I'm liking two features a lot: Videos, where I spent most of the day searching for v. v. important videos that every collector needs to have. Incidentally, why is it so hard to find Casino Night footage that isn't a) horrible quality, or b) the wrong aspect ratio? To my complete and utter surprise I actually went for the one with the wrong aspect ratio because the quality was so much better it was a no-brainer.

Also found the first Daily Show after 9/11 (unfortunately without the puppy). I am always amazed at how Jon Stewart says the exact right thing. Much like he does in his Crossfire appearance. Heh!

The other feature would be the tags system, and being able to view your neighborhood posts by tags. It's sort of like letting your friends set up filters for you!

Anywho, I've got two invites if anyone wants them. Leave your e-mail address in the comment, I'm too lazy to go looking anything up. All gone!

Please don't be offended if I don't "Friend" (or whatever it is you do over there) you back, I still haven't quite gotten the hang of what's what.
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Reasons why I love the Internet #s 1187846-1187848

  1. There is honest-to-goodness The Cutting Edge fanfic here! And now I want to watch the movie again.

  2. Even though I won't be getting my Green Wing season 2 DVDs until sometime well after September 4th I will still be able to watch it starting in five minutes! And it's only been a couple of hours since I watched the season 1 finale and the OMG!cliffhanger!

  3. YouTube. And more specifically, the Dateline Britney interview. Seriously, comedy gold. Between this, Green Wing and VM fic, my stomach's been in stitches all day.

And my gateway to it all is, of course, LiveJournal. So go sign the petition, already.

(Of course, I'm not so sure it's actually possible to change LJ unless we change too, because, like the petition states, it's the users who make the service what it is, not the other way around. And I know LJ is already looked down upon as one of the lesser blogging sites, but I find it smarter, better and more user friendly than any other place I've visited, simply because of the interaction between the users that just doesn't exist in other places. Plus, there's icons!)