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Happy Day 4:

The Threatdown!

Especially number 3 (heh, Stephen knows just how much 2008 sucks - even one more second of it is too much) and number 1.

And just to prove how much of a dork I really am, I had another geekgasm today when I discovered Gmail Labs. I mean, I specifically went to the Settings to try to find a way to make email templates, and right there in the Lab they had a feature called Canned Responses, which does exactly what I want. And there was one feature that allowed you to make your own label colors! I've been wanting this for aaaaaages.

Other ones I'm thinking about: Superstars, where you get many different types of stars. I'm hesitating because the reason why the star works so well is because it's so easy to apply, and I'm figuring this will complicate the process. Also, Custom Date Format. Hello, we use 24 hour clocks up here!

If I can only motivate myself to work, I figure I only have about five hours of work left to do before I have SIXTEEN STRAIGHT DAYS OFF. And let me tell you, it could not have come at a better time.
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Loopy, that's me

Since I last posted - last Wednesday - about how the work week already seemed about six days long, I have not had a single day off. Not only have I worked every day, Friday-Tuesday I also helped remodel a kitchen. Collapse )

Add to that the fact that yesterday and today, my work days have ended...oh, around this time. I just finished working for the day (because I can no longer be coherent) and yesterday I finally sent in the rush job I spent all day working on at half past one. Kill. Me. NOW.

But yesterday I remembered a segment Samantha Bee did on The Daily Show last month, and watching it periodically throughout yesterday and today has saved my sanity, I'm sure. Collapse )

Before this madness started, I got about halfway done with the next installment of my Aeryn picspam, so I'm hoping to have that posted sometime this weekend.
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Everyone and their mother

I know everyone and their mother has posted this vid already (it was kind of funny, because this morning's posts that weren't about this were "ZOMG Javier Bardem looks exactly like Daddy Winchester!!!!"), but I gotta call EPIC FAIL on the old flist for failing to bring the original vid to my attention in the month or so it's been available.

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[Of course, it's entirely possible the EPIC FAIL is all my own because I'm pretty bad at watching videos when there's no explanation.]

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A good credit sequence can make me stay with a show longer than I otherwise would have. True story.

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I capped two more VM episodes, as well as Becoming Jane.

I also changed most of my galleries to display 100 thumbnails per page. Except for the galleries I used for the poll. I'll probably change them later today.

I'm completely avoiding work today. I really have to finish this one Jerry Springer because the deadline is today, but I feel slightly nauseated at the thought. Perhaps the program title will give you a clue as to why:

I'm in a Lesbian Affair with My Niece

The first woman gives a number of reasons why it's not wrong, including: "I helped raise her", "we have a special bond", "I'm not cheating on my husband because it's family", "there were certain things she needed to learn", etc.


I wish the Project Runway torrent would show up so I could have a legitimate (well, to my way of thinking) reason to put it off even further. And after that I thought I'd take a look at the collections from Fashion Week, killing even more time. Then perhaps a post... I could put this off until midnight if I just put my mind to it.