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Answers and extensions

Three remain unguessed, but they're not easy. Though I think three people guessed one of the unguessed ones for one of the other caps. Weird.

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Tissa linked to some new Firefox extensions, and I kinda love the ones I installed the other day, so: links!

  • Dog Ears. Let's you "dog ear" a web page at any point, just Shift+click anywhere where there's no text. Great for when you're reading long fics and have to reboot or whatnot.

  • Link Alert. Changes the cursor to show just what's behind the link you're clicking (good for things like spotting if the link you're clicking on is an mp3 and should be saved to disc instead of left-clicked).

  • FaviconizeTab. Minimizes tab to just the icon. Helps you not close a tab accidentally, and, if you're like me and keep at least 3-4 tabs open with fic at all times, makes space for the everyday usage tabs.

  • Smart Bookmarks Bar. Minimizes bookmarks on the link bar to just the icon. Names reappear on mouse-over. I usually try to rename anything that I leave out on the bar to something really short so I can fit many links onto the bar, but this is soooo much better. I didn't like that it also did the same to directories, but you can disable that under Options and have them display as normal.

  • Snap Links. Right-click & drag to open all links within that area in new tabs. As Tissa said, it's probably great for opening many screencaps at once, but I just realized it's a really simple and easy way to open a link in a new tab. No clicking on context menus or holding down Ctrl!

And that's all she wrote! (Oh, except for my amusement at the realization that Hannah played Jaye's doppelganger! *has (finally) finished all four seasons of Everwood*)

ETA: No, that is NOT all, because I finally got some caps uploaded:

PotC: Dead Man's Chest
Eureka credits and pilot episode(s)
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The characters I love to love

Last night, for no reason I can think of, I started thinking about who my favorite characters are. Now, knowing me, you'd probably say Spike or Logan for the male character and Buffy or Veronica for the female one, right? Not so much. (I'm trying to keep my comments general so as not to spoil unspoiled viewers of these shows.)


John Crichton. John starts out as this rather clueless and optimistic dork. And though he gets clued in, often brutally and at great cost to himself, at the end he remains an optimistic dork. And I think that his optimism is what I love most about him, because it's something I struggle with personally. He finds happiness even in the face of horrible events. He goes on after having experienced some of the worst things a person can experience, and he does it with joy. Yep, love him.


Jaye Tyler. I think I loved her from the very first episode. I know a lot of people say that they can't relate to her and are put off by her at the beginning, but for me it was love at first sight. Unlike my love for John, I think my love for Jaye stems mostly from how much of myself I recognize in her, and from watching her grow into someone so much more than she was because she takes a chance at life and at love. Okay, so she's forced to by inanimate objects, but it's still powerful to watch.

Enemy of my enemy

I've also been thinking about which characters I love to hate, but there it's not so easy. I want to say Grayza would take the top spot, but that may just be because I'm coming up on the beginning of Farscape season 4 and I'm already seething at the thought of her. Maybe David Brent? He's a fun one to hate. *g*
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Lots and lots of TV

Been watching a lot of new shows. And old ones too.

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I've also been translating Alias season 4, and man, I'd forgotten how much I hate Syd's reaction to Jack killing Irina. Jack probably doesn't help matters by not explaining things, but you'd think after all they've gone through and all he's done for her she'd at least give him a chance. I mean, the man refused to give up his search for her even when it landed him in prison! Ungrateful little bitch... *grumble grumble*

And I've been rewatching Wonderfalls. I only meant to cap an episode, but then I started watching and soon I'll have seen them all again. Out of order, because apparently I wasn't willing to admit I was doing a rewatch so I skipped around.

I really do think Jaye is my favorite female character in a long time. Maybe my favorite female character ever. And the actress has a lot to with it, because she's the reason Jaye can be sarcastic, sad, shocked and happy all in the space of one scene and still be believable.

My favorite part about the show is Jaye's relationship with her family. How she starts off trying to act like they're just a nuisance and ends up realizing how much she loves and needs them. I love the whole screwed-up bunch and the thought of all the missed opportunities there makes me want to cry.

I think the only weakness, at least from my point of view, is Eric. I just find him boring. And I kinda 'ship him and Jaye in the same way I 'ship Mal and Inara - until something better comes along. I think it's the whole "they're destined for each other" thing that I fight against with every fiber of my being. Kinda funny since the whole show is about surrendering to destiny, but there you go.