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Am bored. Send refreshments.

I am translating what may be The. Worst. Movie. Of. All. Time. A definite contender! You'd think that with Judd Nelson and Tricia Helfer in the mix I'd be at least partially entertained, but so far, not so much. It's just painful.

So, in my effort to avoid work today I created new keywords for my icons. I left the old ones for the most part, because I hate when it defaults to the default icon just because the name changed, but I'm phasing out the old system, which had become horribly mismanaged.

The new system is Collapse )

I also got a chance to watch Studio 60 Collapse )

Collapse )

New VM tonight tomorrow! I'm neither excited nor apathetic about it. I think I'm still in caps=good mode, which has been my default mode for this entire season. I've come to realize that what Rob wants from the show ("Just renew us, PLEASE, I'll do anything") isn't what I want. Much better to go out in a blaze of glory than fade away, I say.