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I'm bitterly disappointed that I haven't received a notice that my Office season 2 DVDs have shipped (FYI, I almost wrote 'shipped). I mean, not really, because I don't expect them to show up this week anyway, but I get a bit antsy before I know they're on their way.

Speaking of The Office season 2 DVDs, I'm having a heck of a time finding out what the actual extras are. I haven't done a full-blown search, but I visited Amazon, Axel Music and TVShowsOnDVD and the most detailed information on either site was that the DVDs contain "hours of side-splitting bonus features". That's it.

I want to know if there's a gag reel, people!

My BSG season 2 DVDs are shipping tomorrow, though, that I know.

I finished capping the first disc of VM season 2, but it was slowly killing my soul any enthusiasm I had for season 3, so I skipped forward to the fifth disc, even though the second disc isn't entirely horrible. Before Plan B I was composing this elaborate rant in my head, but afterwards I was contemplating picspamming the parts of early season 2 that I actually enjoyed.

I'll tell you what I am dreading, though: the third disc. Doesn't it seem almost cruel to put MMtF, OAV and DR on the same disc? And then top it off with the decidedly lackluster RaWGtWC.

However, I'm still on the fifth disc, so things are still looking good. I hardly remember NtB, but at least I know LWS will not let me down, so I'm off to cap those two now.
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The eagle has landed!

"Eagle" of course meaning the VM season 2 DVDs.

And I've capped the gag reel. I looove gag reels, so I'm thrilled we got one. It wasn't a laugh riot, but it had some funny moments. I actually think my favorites were in the portion that had no sound. Well, you know, as far as gag reel material goes. Collapse )

One final note for hellopoe: JP made the insert! Collapse )
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*throws confetti*

vm-caps.com reached over a million views! *throws confetti again*

I keep composing these posts in my head, but then I never get around to typing them up and I forget them and... Eh.

Let's see, a few things I've been thinking about this week:

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I preordered season 7 of The West Wing this week. Yay, kissing DVD caps!

I also got my Dawson's Creek box set (the box it came in was three times larger than the DVD set. Hee!) and The Office (US) season 1. And Doctor Who season 2 volume 1, but I already capped those.

The aborted sailing trip may end up happening after all. Not the "going to the Caribbean" part, but I might take a few weeks off in June and go to England and sail all the way back to Stockholm.

It's funny, when I was a kid I didn't much care for sailing. It was actually pretty dull. But these days I just love it. I think it's because of the stress release. There's simply no way for you to get stressed out by work because there's nothing you can do (HA, that's totally not true, because the boat has a satellite phone, e-mail, internet access, computers - the whole shebang. But it feels like you're cut off from the world, and that's the important part). Very much looking forward to it, and this time it won't interfere with my TV addiction. Well, apart from Doctor Who, but I'm not that addicted. Yet.
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I Know These Things Are True

Things I Learned Are True from the Internets.

  • It's ad nauseam, not ad nauseum. (thanks to meko00)

  • It's dammit, not damnit. (thanks to about 10 dictionaries because I couldn't believe that was right the first 9 times)

  • People will get the above wrong nine times out of ten.

Things I Have Learned Are True for Me

  • 'Shipping makes every show better.

  • I will always side with the character who's getting an emotional beating.

  • Good acting makes a character better looking and more loved (or more fun to hate).

  • Good looks do nothing for me when the acting isn't there to support it.

  • I can get turned off actors by the strangest things (usually to do with their mouths when they speak).

  • One good movie can make me adore those same strange things.

  • When trying to avoid work, writing up meaningless posts is the best way to procrastinate (case in point...).

Things I Have Learned Are True from vm-caps.com's Stats for Yesterday
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