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On Friday I spent a while looking at extensions because while I enjoy the spellchecker that comes with the new Firefox, the red underline thingies drove me nuts, so I was looking for an extension that would allow me to add words to the dictionary.

On Saturday I was just looking at random links and found one all about the new Firefox dictionary where they, all matter-of-factly, mention that you can add words. I HADN'T EVEN CHECKED. I am so smart. Anyway, turns out if you just right-click on a underlined word you get the dictionary menu, and now "fandom" will never get another red underline.

By the way, the article (well, blog entry) also has information on how you can integrate your Microsoft Word dictionary into Firefox. Among other things, like tips on where to download computer dictionaries and the like.

Also, my favorite extension find? Foxmarks. It's a bookmark synchronizer you can use if you have several different computers. But my favorite part? The bookmarks are available online. I've tried del.icio.us and Simpy, but I just can't get the hang of tagging bookmarks, I much prefer the tree-like structure.

You know how there are fic AUs? Well, here's a little something I like to think of as a picspam AU.

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