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Why don't we start with this

Since I've been reading Arrow fic, I've been horrible at reading books, but I did manage to read the new Veronica Mars! Collapse )

As per usual, I'm still watching a ton of TV. Collapse )

And now I have to go outside and dig out my car. Fun!
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*insert cliched lyric here*

My first reaction when I heard about the VM movie was "No, no, no". But then, as the news settled in, I started thinking that there's probably not a way for them to screw it up any worse than season 3 and I settled down into calm acceptance.

Then today came the thought that actually made me happy about this (and may even make me donate): RENEWED INTEREST COULD MEAN SEASON 1 ON BLU-RAY. Even if this movie sucks to high heaven, if it gets me season 1 on Blu-Ray, I will love it forever.

I have to say, though, that the backlash of "how can you spend money on something so frivolous when you could donate it to charity" is beyond ridiculous. Like seriously? THAT'S your argument? Because pretty much every single person in the entire world is guilty of buying things that are not a) shelter, b) food, c) clothes, which means it's now you against the world (except you're probably guilty of it too, so HELLO, hypocrite!).

Also, I love this fandom a whole hell of a lot, even if the show did crash and burn, so seeing all the old faces again has been wonderful.

In other news, the exclusion of older fandoms has made my interest in Fandom March Madness fall to practically nothing. You know, there's a reason why those fandoms are still powerhouses after all these years - we have years of investment in them, unlike, say, 17 episodes of Joan Watson (who I'll still be voting for until the end).

I'm currently marathoning Parenthood, which is good, but not really revolutionary television watching. It's comforting background noise, though.

As for current shows, I'm loving this season of Lost Girl, I'm so happy the right person won Top Chef, The Americans continues to fascinate me every week, and even though it's only been a couple of weeks, I am so ready for Elementary to return (which I just realized it does tonight, so YAY).
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See, this is why I love the Brits

Long Way Down is available for pre-order at Amazon before the show has even started airing. I'm gonna hold off on ordering for a while, see if it drops in price. (PotC: AWE dropped three pounds between the time I added it to my wish list to the time I ordered it. Which was five minutes ago. When I also ordered Becoming Jane. I have no will power whatsoever.)

I'm ridiculously behind on my 100 Movies in 2007 thing. I guess having some time while I was on vacation made me gravitate towards TV shows instead, and now I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. That said, I'm watching Zoolander right now.

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Okay, you guys, what is up with these new moods I'm getting? "*drool*, *thud*, Suicidal, On Top of the World?" Does this mean that all our old mood themes are going to be outdated/have to be redone? Because I love my AD mood theme like burning, but anniesj isn't really around these days and I doubt she's going to update it.
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Random thoughts

  • Both my sites are inaccessible right now because of a "power outtage". And you know that extra disc space? Gone. I knew it was too good to be true.

  • Ever go to someone's icon page and think that each individual icon has some merit, but together they just look like ass? Like the user has terrible taste? Because that just happened to me.

  • I always wonder why more iconmakers don't upload their icons to their Scrapbook album, like I've started doing. Seriously, it's the perfect solution to those hotlinking problems (you can't hotlink from any other place except LJ, and even if someone does get around it, the extra bandwidth doesn't cost you anything) and it's free (with a paid account, but I'm betting if you're making icons you've got at least one paid account around here somewhere). And no one ever has to have a stupid friendslocked icon community again.

  • Anyone else get randomly logged out of LJ about an hour ago or was that just me?

  • I was linking someone to my favorite VM posts (VM vs BtVS! VM vs TWW! Alpacka!) earlier and experienced fullblown nostalgia. And hellopoe's Logan picspams aren't helping at all.

  • Today I had to go through hundreds of posts at cap_it to find the DVD caps from Popular that I know I saw there at one point. And that's why that place needs tags.

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Stuff. And things.

Signs fandom has ruined me for life #415875333:

An item pops up on my BBC News news feed. Cruise halted in Channel by blaze. My first thought, honest to god: "What is Tom Cruise doing in the middle of the English Channel, I thought he was in Florida?" Follow-up thought: "At least they got the blaze part right."

I was capping the pilot of The Office earlier today Collapse )

And finally: Who torrent!
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Four degrees of Brad Pitt

Last week was pretty slow for me, workwise. By choice. This week I needed something to do and I get a million things, all at once. And I'm still not done with that thing from yesterday. Still kinda scratching my head about how to translate "charismatic", actually. I think the biggest problem is that the word exists in the Swedish language with almost the exact same spelling. Only it starts with a K. Actually, that seems to be a theme with all the words I have problems with: controversial, character actor, Canadian...

Does anyone else have weird trains of thought? Like earlier today I was going through the dictionary, looking for Swedish words that start with C and I happened upon chef. Now, you'd think that with it being the same spelling and all, it would mean someone who cooks, right? Not so much. It means boss. A chef is called kock. However, a cock would be either tupp (rooster) or one of many many many synonyms to penis, including pitt. Why yes, we find Brad Pitt's name hysterically funny. Well, those of us who are twelve.

Also, I am fully aware that weirdness and I have more than a passing acquaintance.

I got those movies I ordered on Friday today. Actually, I got them yesterday (I was quite shocked that it only took two days for the Amazon order to arrive), but I didn't leave the house, so I didn't go to the post office. So, in my effort to procrastinate I updated my list of DVDs. I think it should be all up-to-date now, even though I'm woefully behind on the screencap post.

I just finished my rewatch of TWW season 2 this morning. Honestly? I'd forgotten how completely 'shippy this season is. What with the anniversaries, Joey Lucas telling Josh that Donna likes him and the not stopping for red lights. So much love.

And I really miss Sorkin's Donna. Probably more than any other Sorkin era character.

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